Tuesday, May 22, 2007

to LOVE again? just kidding

Its been a while since I last had someone I admire, a celebrity for that matter. Well, probably if you exclude Ira Cruz and Ken Zhu (who were my two ultimate crushes) then I can say that its been a long time since I had my kilig moments over a celeb. redface

Dino Imperial is Bill of the teen-oriented show Abt Ut Love in ABS-CBN. I've been admiring his cute eyes for quite some time now... razz I was even thinking that the reason why i find him cute is that he reminded of the my two ultimate crushes Ira and Ken! heheheh... Yep... that's right... I do remember Ira Cruz and Ken Zhu everytime I see Dino's photos... twisted

I would usually remember iRa every time I see Dino looking like this... heheheh... Ang angas ng dating! Whew! parang si iRa! hmm... opinyon ko lang naman yun... Di naman ma-angas si iRa but thats how I see him in some of his photos which makes me
want like, I mean want... Okay fine! I'll settle to WANT... which makes me want him! sluurp! wink

See? Di ba ang angas ng dating?
smile yih! Pero masarap pa rin! ahahah.. Ewan ko ba kung bakit ang gwapo nya! Jeez! he's gorgeous!

and my understatement?

FUCK YOU and you're friends! Coz you're one heck of a gift to women! (tama ba?)

Y U M M Y!

And here's Ken... If my arithmetic is correct, t'was exactly 4 years and 17 days when I first saw Ken Zhu in Meteor Garden! That as Monday, May 5, 2003 around 4:30 in the afternoon. and up until now, I still love looking at his smile. I really think he's hot! and its good to know that he and Dino has something in common.-their ear piercings which, for me is
sooo hot! damn!

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