Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WTF, Chad!

I first saw him in the movie A Cinderella Story and then fell in love with him after watching One Tree Hill. Now, I can't seem to wait for the 6th Season of One Tree Hill which will premiere on the 1st of September 2008! Woohoo! I can see Lucas, Nathan, Hayley, Peyton, and Brooke again!

I can't really get enough of Chad or even his alter ego, Lucas in OTH . I really love his eyes because... I don't know, I just love it. hahaha Let me guess, I think its one of his assets. Its so... uuuh... so... mysterious (?) or should I say his eyes makes every girl's knees weak and their hearts go "bu-thump" and go crazy over him. Not to mention the fact that they would think of him before they go to sleep and of course, uuuh... still think of him before they go to sleep!lol

WTF, Chad! I'm still infatuated with you! Break of the engagement and marry me instead! (toink, in my dreams!)

Daw High School eh!

Friday, July 25, 2008


To those who visit this site just to download the song Give My Love by Edward Chun, the OST of the Korean TV series Save the Last Dance for Me, the previous link I gave you isn't working. So, instead just follow and click this link. ;-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Charice's The Prayer

I saw the video of Charice's duet with Andrea Bocelli in his birthday concert in Tuscany, Italy recently. I'm quite happy to see that she's successful and had been very busy in her international performances with some international celebrities. Watching her singing The Prayer makes me proud. Its like she's at par with Celine Dion who also sang the same song with the famous tenor, Andrea Bocelli.

Charice met Bocelli at David Foster's benefit concert at the Madalay Bay in Las Vegas last May. She was invited by Bocelli to perform in his concert together with performers Nicolla Piovani, Roberto Bolle and Noa.

The birthday concert was held in Theater of Silence of Lajatico last July 23. 2008. This concert was part of the celebration of Bocelli's 50th birthday on the 22nd of September.

To download The Prayer Live by Andrea Bocelli and Charice, click here then the Downloads link. ^_^

Rock 100 with Urbandub

I should have written about this last Monday but I was lazy enough to do so. After a long time my friends and I got the chance to spend time together. We went to the annual concert organized by our school organization, UPV-Marketing Society, Inc. This year is quite memorable since the University is celebrating is Centennial year . So, in connection with this, the concert was entitled "Rock 100" which features Urbandub (I wished it was Bamboo- I missed them na!).

Urbandub, though they're not really new in the music biz, I'm not that familiar with their songs. I mean, I knew them but I am not an avid fan and can't sing most of their songs. Among the songs they played that night, I'm only familiar with three songs, Guillotine, Evidence, and First of Summer. At that time, I thought, "so this is how it feels to go to a rock concert and you don't know the lyrics of even a single song. Damn, I felt ashamed of myself... or not! lol So, what if I can't memorize the lyrics? At least I enjoyed the concert, right? Though somehow I felt bad I didn't see him there. ;)


Thanks to Andie for the free ticket!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

WYD '08

The largest youth event in the world, the 2008 World Youth Day is being held in Sydney, Australia. It started last July 15, 2008 and will be concluded on July 20, 2008.This is the largest event Australia has ever hosted, larger than the 2000 Olympics with 125, 000 expected delegates.

The WYD08 is organized by the Catholic Church and
brings together young people from around the globe to celebrate and learn about their faith on a more regular basis. This year's WYD will make use of telecommunications where Pope Benedict will be sending text messages to the pilgrims as well as the launch of a networking website where the youth can connect before and after the event.

I came across the music video on youtube while searching for the song Tell the World of His Love, the theme of the 1995 WYD held in Manila.WYD08 theme Receive the Power was sang by Guy Sebastian and Gary Pinto.

Download Receive the Power here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tamis ng Unang Pag-ibig

The day has arrived when she and her friends finally get to spend time together again after a long time. Its Friday and though its a weekday they all agreed to spend the night together to eat out and watch a gig.

She had finished preparing and is on her way to the mall where they'll meet. It's already half past six and she knows she's late. Well, blame it to the fact that she's bumming around and felt like not going again just like before. She thought she would rather be late than be early and spend time waiting for the others.

While walking she met the guy living near her house and just like before, "diin ka naman makadto?" "Date eh. May date ta sa Leganes db? Na! Pa-late ka naman!" and then laughter can be heard all over.

She's pretty sure she'll be spending 45 minutes inside the jeepney because of the rain and the traffic. Thinking of an effective excuse to give to her friends later, she noticed the guy who just sat beside her. The rain outside is still pouring but isn't that heavy anymore. She looked at him and realized he's someone she knew from before. It was probably instinct that the guy took a glimpse of her. And though she had doubts, she gave him a small, hesitant smile. Then, the guy stared at her as if asking if that smile was for him.

"Shit! Puga, kahuluya! Hambal ko gid mo la ya na ko nadumduman." and she never dared to glance at him again.

It was then the jeepney she's riding on just stopped. "Malas, na-aberya pa!". Leaving her with no choice, she went off together with the other passengers. She had already opened her umbrella when she saw him approaching her. They looked at each other and just like that with no words, they're shared her umbrella.

Standing with him under the rain felt weird. It has been a while but there's no available jeepney or even taxi. and she's late, as in she's late big time.

"Diin ka makadto?" she heard him ask. "SM. kaw?"
"Didto man. Gusto mo lakton ta na lang? Total lapit na man lang."
"Sige ah. Daw wala na mana daan salakyan." He smiled and she did too. So that how he looks like when he smile. She never took noticed of it before. She was always irritated when people around teased them that she almost cried. But now, she knows its different. He's quite cute when he smiled at her.

So, is this what the Nescafe ad wants the viewers to experience with the theme, "One moment, One Nescafe?" she thought and giggled. He looked at her as if asking what was that for. "Aah. Wala. May nadumduman lang ko." She said while blushing.
"Aaah. Okay." He smiled at her again looking amused as if he also remembered something. "Asa ka pa." she told herself.

"Musta na?" She heard him say after a while.
"Mayu man, Kaw?" "Okay lang ah. Maano ka sa SM? Date?"
She laughed. He stared.
"Malagaw ah. Pod ko barkada ko. Late na ko gne. Kaw? Maano ka sa SM? Ma-date?"
He laughed.
She stared.
"Malagaw man upod mga migo ko."
"Aaah" she said while nodding her head. He smiled at her and she smiled back.


"Teh, diin ka?" she asked. "Ikaw?"
"Nag-text sila hambal ara daw sa Penshoppe."


"Uhmm... Teh mauna ko sa imu ah. Basi ginahulat ka na sang date mo" she said jokingly.
"Updan ta na lang ka." "Indi na ah. Tultulan ko man. heheh. Sige, bye!"

Then, she turn around to leave. Sigh. "Stupid. You could have for his number or something. Db? text-text, no malice intended. Shiyet! nugon ba. Man, kay sang-una pakipot-kipot ka pa!" she told herself.

To her surprise someone held hand and she saw him again. The guy was smiling at her. "Dul-ong ta ka na. Kahuluya man nga di ta ka pagdul-ong nga nag-share ko sa payong mo kagina." She opened her lips to decline the offer but, "bahala ka" and she smiled back.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Eraserheads, the legendary OPM rock band of the 90s and one of my favorite bands will have a one night reunion concert. This long awaited concert will be held at CCP Open Grounds on August 30, 2008. The call for a reunion has been going on since the band disbanded six years ago. According to the article I've read in pep, ex-bandmates Ely, Raimund, Buddy, and Marcus were swayed to play together in a 45-minute set after being offered P2.5M to P10M apiece.

Fans, including me can't wait to see the to see the country's own version of The Beatles on this concert. But the thing is, I'm pretty sure I can't come to watch it live. Thank heavens I have access to the famous youtube!lol

Read full article here

Friday, July 11, 2008

Can't get over Frank

Its has been almost three weeks after the mind-blowing flood which hit the Iloilo last June 21. But somehow it feels like it was just a week ago. Our house now looks more tidier and organized than the first two weeks right after the horrifying day. All our clothes have been washed but the thing is most of the white ones don't look like white anymore. The electricity was restored last Sunday as well as our television set and fridge. However, up until now, our electric fans still aren't working!

I should have written something about my pet dog Inggoi right after my first post about the flood. But I felt like I don't have anything to talk about. Inggoi, if you must know was the cutest dog I ever had. Yes, had. He was trapped in one of my grandparents' room downstairs and died. He was named after my crush Inggoi so somehow I consider him important. Actually, I was already expecting that something bad might have happened to him during the flood since I didn't see him together with our other pets.After the water subsided and I heard the news that Inggoi's dead, I didn't even bother to look at him. I never really thought he'd die that way. I didn't really feel something about it at that time. Perhaps its because I was already expecting it (though I'm not hoping for it) and somehow felt frustrated that my pet wasn't able to survive unlike the two others. And the thing right now is that I finally realized how I miss my Inggoi. It's all coming back to me now. Those times when he came up to me everytime he saw me, ran after me when I'm on my way to work, and the times when he wanted me to play with him. I must say he really is special.

The recent flood by typhoon Frank caused a lot of changes in our lives. Everything might look the same but something is different.It feels like we are starting anew. I still feel a little nostalgic just by looking around. I still miss the way our old house looks like and everything else in the place where I live. At this point, there's nothing beautiful when you look around. I can say that everything is still a mess especially the garbage brought by flood. It still looks like a sore in everyone's eyes! and the mud! still horrible especially when it rains! I still don't know until when are we going to suffer the aftermath of this calamity.

Wonder how it really affected our lives? Here are some pics I call before and after. This are just some of those locations in our place.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Ikalawang Yugto- Rico Blanco's Back

I was downloading a song from a website awhile ago when something caught my attention. There was this song entitled Yugto from the upcoming new album of Rico Blanco, the ex-Rivermaya's vocalist who left his band a year ago. So, does this mean Rico will be back in the local music scene? If he will, then that would be great. He's a very good songwriter and I like most of his songs not to mention the fact that my friend Michelle will be ecstatic to hear about this. She admire Rico a lot.

I decided to download the song on my own satisfaction just to check if its nice. To my surprice the lyrics is quite interesting. As for me, I think the song is a giveaway of the reason why he left a year ago. I don't know... Actually, I'm not that sure about it. Perhaps I'm just a malicious person that's why I mention this kind of things.

Oh, well. I decided to transcribe the lyrics of the song which is quite stupid coz I forgot to just search for it on google (Duh me!). Whatever it is, I'm still proud to say that I got 95% of the lyrics correctly. Now, I can pursue a medical transcription career if I'm bored with my current job. lol

YUGTO (Rico Blanco)

Hoooo, Ho ho ho 2x

sa gitna ng kagubaan may ahas na hahalik
tatawagin kang kaibigan na pinakamatalik
pupulupot sa leeg mo't sisipsip ng 'yong dugo
papako ka sa krus pag ikaw ay natuyo

sa gitna ng kaguluhan may kukulong bulkan
di mapipiggil ang yabang at sakdal na kasakiman
susbukang angkinin ang lahat ng hindi kanya
kaya kang paikutin tiyak na paiikutin ka

ngunit hindi nila kayang baliin ang iyong loob
ang pag-ibig na hawak mo'y hindi maglulubog
lumiyab ka, lumiyab
hooo ho ho ho 2x

sa gitna ng kadiliman may bwitreng nagmamasid
may magbabato ng putik nguniot walang may mayayanig
iiyak ang mga batang nahulugan ng kendi
lalo na'ng mga problemang sa iba sinisisi

sa gitna ng kagubaan may ahas na hahalik
itinuring mong kaibigan na pinakamatalik
leeg mo'y pupulutan, dugo mo'y sisipsipin
pag wala ka nang pahinga ang ending mo'y sa bangin

ngunit hindi nila kayang baliin ang iyong loob
ang pag-ibig na hawak mo'y hindi maglulubog
lumiyab ka, lumiyab, lumiyab
hooo ho ho ho 2x

tuwing hating-gabi marirnig mo ang mga huni
ng mga kaluluwnang naliligaw
lahat ng pera sa mundo hindi kayang gawing ginto
ang huwad na na tao

ang mga tinig palakas ng palakas
hanggang gumuho ang mga hadlang
ang mga tinig palakas ng palakas
hanggang gumuho ang mga hadlang

saksi ang langit sa lahat ng naganap
saksi ang langit sa ikalawang ang yugto
lumiyab ka, lumiyab ka (sa ngalan ng ------)
lumiyab ka ((sa ngalan ng ------)
lumiyab (ang puso mo'y -------)