Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tamis ng Unang Pag-ibig

The day has arrived when she and her friends finally get to spend time together again after a long time. Its Friday and though its a weekday they all agreed to spend the night together to eat out and watch a gig.

She had finished preparing and is on her way to the mall where they'll meet. It's already half past six and she knows she's late. Well, blame it to the fact that she's bumming around and felt like not going again just like before. She thought she would rather be late than be early and spend time waiting for the others.

While walking she met the guy living near her house and just like before, "diin ka naman makadto?" "Date eh. May date ta sa Leganes db? Na! Pa-late ka naman!" and then laughter can be heard all over.

She's pretty sure she'll be spending 45 minutes inside the jeepney because of the rain and the traffic. Thinking of an effective excuse to give to her friends later, she noticed the guy who just sat beside her. The rain outside is still pouring but isn't that heavy anymore. She looked at him and realized he's someone she knew from before. It was probably instinct that the guy took a glimpse of her. And though she had doubts, she gave him a small, hesitant smile. Then, the guy stared at her as if asking if that smile was for him.

"Shit! Puga, kahuluya! Hambal ko gid mo la ya na ko nadumduman." and she never dared to glance at him again.

It was then the jeepney she's riding on just stopped. "Malas, na-aberya pa!". Leaving her with no choice, she went off together with the other passengers. She had already opened her umbrella when she saw him approaching her. They looked at each other and just like that with no words, they're shared her umbrella.

Standing with him under the rain felt weird. It has been a while but there's no available jeepney or even taxi. and she's late, as in she's late big time.

"Diin ka makadto?" she heard him ask. "SM. kaw?"
"Didto man. Gusto mo lakton ta na lang? Total lapit na man lang."
"Sige ah. Daw wala na mana daan salakyan." He smiled and she did too. So that how he looks like when he smile. She never took noticed of it before. She was always irritated when people around teased them that she almost cried. But now, she knows its different. He's quite cute when he smiled at her.

So, is this what the Nescafe ad wants the viewers to experience with the theme, "One moment, One Nescafe?" she thought and giggled. He looked at her as if asking what was that for. "Aah. Wala. May nadumduman lang ko." She said while blushing.
"Aaah. Okay." He smiled at her again looking amused as if he also remembered something. "Asa ka pa." she told herself.

"Musta na?" She heard him say after a while.
"Mayu man, Kaw?" "Okay lang ah. Maano ka sa SM? Date?"
She laughed. He stared.
"Malagaw ah. Pod ko barkada ko. Late na ko gne. Kaw? Maano ka sa SM? Ma-date?"
He laughed.
She stared.
"Malagaw man upod mga migo ko."
"Aaah" she said while nodding her head. He smiled at her and she smiled back.


"Teh, diin ka?" she asked. "Ikaw?"
"Nag-text sila hambal ara daw sa Penshoppe."


"Uhmm... Teh mauna ko sa imu ah. Basi ginahulat ka na sang date mo" she said jokingly.
"Updan ta na lang ka." "Indi na ah. Tultulan ko man. heheh. Sige, bye!"

Then, she turn around to leave. Sigh. "Stupid. You could have for his number or something. Db? text-text, no malice intended. Shiyet! nugon ba. Man, kay sang-una pakipot-kipot ka pa!" she told herself.

To her surprise someone held hand and she saw him again. The guy was smiling at her. "Dul-ong ta ka na. Kahuluya man nga di ta ka pagdul-ong nga nag-share ko sa payong mo kagina." She opened her lips to decline the offer but, "bahala ka" and she smiled back.

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