Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SNSD's Run Devil Run (Story Ver.) mp4 Download

From my previous post, I posted Ke$ha and SNSD's versions of the latest hit song of the latter, Run Devil Run.
Now, the Black Soshi came out with another version of Run Devil Run.
I think this version is just a teaser that will be on SNSD's iPhone application.
Everyone wants to see that very really soon! and that includes me!

Download SNSD's story version of Run Devil Run mp4 HERE

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Run Devil Run: SNSD or Ke$ha?

The most awaited Black Soshi is here with their latest music video entitled Run Devil Run. The song may sound familiar especially to those Ke$ha fans out there. Curious much? Listen to Ke$ha's and watch SNSD's Run Devil Run music video. I must say, both versions are good. Both artists have their distinct style and charisma in singing the song. How I wish Ke$ha has her own music video. I'm kinda curious how it'll be presented!

Ke$ha's Run Devil Run Audio

SNSD's Run Devil Run