Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bye, bye na Rico

I'm having a flu for the second time in one month and it sucks! It sucks because I can't sleep the way I used to and I had to buy another roll tissue paper because of it!evil But this entry won't be about my stupid flu. Who would even get interested with my runny nose anyway? Every one of us has his own experiences about this. Just like Edward- he used to have runny nose every month! heheheh... Just kidding...twisted

On the serious note, I decided to write this entry to share my feelings about the news that Rico Blanco, the Rivermaya frontman will be leaving the band. I first heard it on Myx news early tonight. It was really surprising coz I they're starting to be known internationally and then, all of a sudden he'll be leaving the band! Jeez... I really feel bad about it... cry They're one of my favorite bands and Rico, he's really a good songwriter. I do love his songs...

Yes, this is not a joke. The band's manager said this wasn't just a gimik forthe band to be talked about. So, it was true. Rico even confirmed it through his multiply site, A MILLION FLAMES that he's really leaving the group... The good news is, the band won't be totally gone and Rico asks the fans to keep supporting the group.

My friend Michelle will surely feel depressed after hearing all of this. As for me, man! This is sooo goddamn disappointing! I never really had the chance to watch them perform live. If I only knew he's leaving, I should have watched Rivermaya when they last came here last March.

Sigh. I just wanna wish him all the love luck in the world and best things in life when he leaves the limelight... (nax.. feeling close)

And to Rico, Psst... Thanks for rocking our lives! wink

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Okay, so Miss Philippines didn't win Miss Universe. So what?!twisted She won Miss Photogenic Actually, I already felt that she will not be part of the top 15 since the start of the main event... and I thought it was a boring day yesterday. but I was wrong! Something exciting happened while I was sleeping at around noon. According to my brother, our neighbors' (siblings) wives started fighting (verbally). The story was quite funny I felt like laughing out loud after hearing it...

It was just an ordinary morning while my brother was watching NBA (Western Conference Finals) when he heard two women yelling. He can't really identify the reason why they became so noisy. surprised He was even surprised! Here's excerpts of the yelling conversation of our neighbors...

But first, lemme introduce the characters:

Nang Timay
- My mother

Nang Pató
-wife of the older sibling Nong Toto

Nang Inday
-wife of the younger sibling, Nene who, not so long ago went inside our house using the window without any permission that night (if you know what I mean
Myra- sister of Nong Toto and Nene
Bong-bong- Myra's husband

Nang Pató
: Hah! hulat lang ka kay isugid ta ka kay nang Timay karon!

Nang Inday
: Ay sus, sugid to ay! Sami mo lang magsip-sip da sa ila! Ga** ka!

Nang Pató
: Sin-o gapasip-sip aw?!

Nang Inday: Sin-o aw?! evil
Nang Pató
: kaga** sa imo! Hulata lang gani kay isugid ta ka kay Nang Timay nga gina-deretso niyo ihaw da ang mga pato nila!

Nang Inday
: Sin-o ga-ihaw haw? Kita mo kami di gaihaw haw?!
evil kayudip*** sa imo!
Nang Pató: Sus! indi man ko ya maghambal nga kamo kun wala ko nakita sang duha ko ka mata ah! evil Mangkuta bala si Myra kay kita kamo da! Ara si Bong-bong hu, mangkuta! May pato kamo nga inyo iya sang iban ihawon nyo?!twisted

and it goes on and on... Surprisingly, the conversation was changed into...

Nang Inday
: Lantawa kay ang baboy mo nga ginasagod bitokon!

Nang Pató: Ay sus. Maski magbitokon man na akon ya nga baboy kay baboy ko man na! Ikaw ya may ara? Hilabti lang da imo baboy kun may ara ka da! twisted

Surprisingly, the conversation again was changed into...

Nang Inday: Yut* mo da eh! kagag* si mo! Man daku pu**y mo! twisted
Nang Pató
: Hah! ako pa daku pu**y! Ikaw naton!

Nang Inday: Sa kaga** mo da eh! Pu**yan sa imu!evil
Nang Pató
: Ikaw naton daku pu**y! Sin-o sa aton kaduha mamana haw?! Gaga ka!

and it goes on and on... Where was I during this exciting event? Sleeping...Probably dreaming of Ira!
lol Just imagine what was their next topic after the issue of whose vagina is larger? (Nax, medical term para di gawa bastos! mrgreen)

The revelation regarding our beloved ducks weren't really surprising cause my mother had always count every single duck we had and most of the time she acts as if she's surprised that our ducks are decreasing in number and theirs were increasing! There was also an instance that our ducks come home having some marks on their body. My mom believed that our neighbors (Nene and their other younger sibling Nonoy) were the ones who did it! When my mom confronted them regarding this and Nonoy said that those marked ducks were theirs! My mom told them, " How come it'll be yours when they come home here (our house) every night?!" Jeez! even our ducks' eggs located at the lagoon were usually gone every afternoon when my mom would try to visit it after she comes home from office! tsk. tsk. tsk. So disgusting!

Whew! I really thought yesterday morning wasn't interesting because I got disappointed with the result of Miss Universe. I was wrong! Life indeed is full of surprises! lol

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

beauty, brains and body

Sorry fans, I wasn't able to put something here for more than a week now...razz I was very busy watching Korean Dramas, Which Star are from? and Lovers! Damn! those series were good. twisted
It's nice to know that I found it on the internet coz if not, I wouldn't get the chance to watch it on television... like so that the drama, Which Star are you from has already premiered last night on ABS-CBN primetime... I'm also glad my internet connection was faster that the usual coz i get to watch it without having loading problems every night. AMEN!

Actually, I got nothing else to write here right now... There's nothing really interesting about my life this past few days... mrgreen By the way, today's the big day for Miss Universe contestants but I'm not sure if i get to watch it live coz I'll be sleeping by the time I arrive home. wink I just wish our representative, Anna Theresa Licaros will win the crown this year even though she looks like Phoemela Baranda (for me) and she got smaller boobs than Miss Brazil! lol Just Kidding! Honestly, I believe she got what it takes to win- beauty, brains and body rolled into one!

So, let us all pray for her to win the crown! Mabuhay ang Pinay!

*Photos are from the Miss Universe 2007 Website

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

to LOVE again? just kidding

Its been a while since I last had someone I admire, a celebrity for that matter. Well, probably if you exclude Ira Cruz and Ken Zhu (who were my two ultimate crushes) then I can say that its been a long time since I had my kilig moments over a celeb. redface

Dino Imperial is Bill of the teen-oriented show Abt Ut Love in ABS-CBN. I've been admiring his cute eyes for quite some time now... razz I was even thinking that the reason why i find him cute is that he reminded of the my two ultimate crushes Ira and Ken! heheheh... Yep... that's right... I do remember Ira Cruz and Ken Zhu everytime I see Dino's photos... twisted

I would usually remember iRa every time I see Dino looking like this... heheheh... Ang angas ng dating! Whew! parang si iRa! hmm... opinyon ko lang naman yun... Di naman ma-angas si iRa but thats how I see him in some of his photos which makes me
want like, I mean want... Okay fine! I'll settle to WANT... which makes me want him! sluurp! wink

See? Di ba ang angas ng dating?
smile yih! Pero masarap pa rin! ahahah.. Ewan ko ba kung bakit ang gwapo nya! Jeez! he's gorgeous!

and my understatement?

FUCK YOU and you're friends! Coz you're one heck of a gift to women! (tama ba?)

Y U M M Y!

And here's Ken... If my arithmetic is correct, t'was exactly 4 years and 17 days when I first saw Ken Zhu in Meteor Garden! That as Monday, May 5, 2003 around 4:30 in the afternoon. and up until now, I still love looking at his smile. I really think he's hot! and its good to know that he and Dino has something in common.-their ear piercings which, for me is
sooo hot! damn!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Wasted for no Reason

Sickness has risen (I thought)...

No, sickness is rising!

Shit! sickness has been rising! (until now)

Jeez! Darn sickness...evil

I HATE THIS! fuck!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boto Ko, Binayaran Mo! F. U.

Monday was the most awaited day for most politicians and though I'm not one of them, I, too feel excited! I can still remember the first time I had the chance to exercise my right to suffer suffrage... It was the presidential elections and it was my first time to receive an amount of money from a politician, a congressional candidate for that matter. Actually, it wasn't the first... I already received Php50 when I voted for the SK Officials in our barangay but I never really appreciated it at all. Who would?rolleyes So, the last 2004 elections I received Php150 to vote for a candidate who was running for congressman at that time. Well, I'm proud to say I didn't for him!twisted Cool isn't it? Though the person I voted lost against him (Whew! life's not fair!)

Anyway, this is one of the reasons why I was excited with the midterm elections held last Monday. I was expecting another Php150 from the re-electionist... My relative got Php150 and some had Php200 but sad to say, there was no Php150 for me!cry They must have known I didn't vote for their candidate last election!lol

Duh! as if I can be bought with only Php150! I wasn't born yesterday, Mr. Politician and family! I'm from UP and not from the school where you're father is from!twisted And in my own little way, I would start change and I hope other Ilonggos will be more aware that there are better options than what they have right now- YOU!evil I suggest you should do better than that! Voters in Iloilo City are not all dumb as what you might have expected or thought of! Jerks!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Connection that Sucks

I should be writing about my dead dog which was ran over by a truck last night right now but F U C K! I can't help but get irritated with the connection tonight! I don't really know what is wrong with it. I've noticed that I can easily open other sites but the site I am working on! tsingamak ya! Jerson diin ka na?! pakers!evil People who know me might actually think this okay but it is not! I've been here for 10 months now and this is the first time that I uploaded a SHOCKING 5 conferences in 5 long hours!mad

Who wouldn't want that? You might say... Yeah right I would love to have the same instance but not tonight or today... Perhaps its because I feel ashamed of the 1 conference : 1 hour ratio I'm facing right now and I don't know how to explain this to my client. redface

I just wish the connection will improved coz I don't really like the idea of passing a report of 10 or less conferences to my client! Jeez! it will be too much! confused

Friday, May 04, 2007

Straight and LIVE!

It's been months since I first heard Bamboo's version of the famous song Killing in the Name of, originally by the group Rage Against the Machine. After that, I've been looking for a copy of it in an mp3 format. But sad to say, I wasn't lucky enough to find one.. cry Worst, the pressure of having a copy of it rose magnanimously after hearing Bamboo singing it live during the Smart's Hot Summer Samahan in Bora! Fuck!!!evil I still can remember how the song (and the band) made me feel a little "tingly" all over twisted when they had it as the opening song (perhaps to make the crowd get into the so-called rock mood!)..

What's disappointing at that moment was when the Bamboo's mike wasn't working!mad Jeez! there were lots of performers before him but that problem only occurred when he was already on stage! uggh! rolleyes I can still remember him saying/adlibbing, "Where's the mike when I need one?" while he was Nevertheless, it was still memorable. I can still recall Bamboo's every move without the mike! He rocks! They rock! Always have been! wink \m/

Just like what Bamboo usually says, the revolution will not be televised, it will come to you straight-LIVE! Indeed he was right. Its far more different when you're part of the event rather than just listening to or watching it... and I agree coz I've been part of this kind of event for a couple of times now.. biggrin

Whew! I just can't get over it! The fact that we're in the front row and we can see almost all of his/their moves! I was always amazed of how good they are in their own crafts! And God! they're all gorgeous! wink

Anyways, enough of that escapade we had in Bora. At last I had a copy of my-most-talked-about song- Killing in the Name of. Thanks to my online friend on multiply, jb. I have all the time in the world to listen to the song whenever I want!

If by any chance you want to have a copy of this, just click here.