Wednesday, May 02, 2007


A good sleep...

a bowl of Pochero

the gorgeous Ira Cruz

a cellphone!


  1. your top three are my top three. ira is number one to me!!! bowl of pochero second, and actually, time for sleep is third. but really, i don't blame you for craving ira. i HEART IRA CRUZ!!! LIKE I REALLY, REALLY LOOOOOOOOOVE IRA! Note to the universe: I want Ira Cara Young Cruz! Love ko siya! and bowl of pochero if i'm extra good, and sleep (with ira) if i'm extra, extra good... okay, thanks for letting me vent!

  2. Hi, Anonymous! i never really thought someone would give a comment on this entry.. heheh... Just like you, I also like IRA! he's so hot... and yeah.. just like you, i should have put him on the top of my cravings list... tsk. tsk.tsk... silly me..