Sunday, December 31, 2006

Welcoming 2007 with a BANG!

Surprisingly, I was able to do something with my wordpress tonight! This is my way of welcoming 2007 with a BANG! After many months, the long wait is over! lolz! Perhaps its because no geniuses were around. Heck! they really make me feel uncomfortable every time I work on my wordpress!!!

My work is definitely not at par with some of us working here. Oh well, no big deal. Just like some, designing templates was never my specialty. I’ll just live it to those who are good at it…

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Somebody Owns You Now

Aside from the fact that has been very successful, I would say that Rico B. has been not-so-lucky being Rivemaya's front man knowing that Bamboo Mañalac has already set THE standards that most of their avid listeners and fans has remembered since the band started.

Anyway, Rico is a great composer and what the heck! I still love a number of songs that he wrote!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Merry Little Christmas Eve

They say you're more blessed when its Christmas. Well, on my part I ain't sure of that though somehow I want to believe it. Its been ages since I last attended mass and I don't know if its a blessing or just luck when I meet my ex there... heheheh... No hard feelings or should I say, No hurt feelings. Its Christmas anyway... We didn't actually talk and I wasn't even sure if he saw me there... Though I can clearly visualize him that night... He's still cute just like the last time I saw him... heheheh...

Don't get me wrong I don't really consider meeting my ex at the church as a blessing. Its more of being able to attend mass after more or less five months. Its Christmas and coming to mass on Christmas eve isn't a bad idea after all. Besides I feel like I was rejuvenated after attending one...

I just wish it's Christmas eve every Sunday. What dya think?!