Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Bullets

  • Although I'm thankful for all those kind words and inspiring thoughts from someone who have been there for quite a while, the idea of inviting me to watch a movie bothers me so much that it's scary! From now on, the ground floor is off limits and no lunch between 1 o'clock to 2 o'clock PM! It sucks since I kinda like the idea because of...
  • I'm watching Glee right now but there's something wrong with some of the episodes I downloaded that I had to look for another torrent and download it all over again! ugh!
  • While downloading the remaining episodes of Glee, I opted to watch Twilight Eclipse but it seems that I'm not in the mood to appreciate Edward and Jacob... sigh...
  • Still bored staying at home alone... I wanted to go out but I can't due to two major reasons- first, it freakin' HOT outside I could have thought that's what being in hell feels like (perhaps), and second- I'm sort of scared to go out and end up going home impoverished because I wasted my money in not-so-important stuffs. (^^)
  • Oh! How I wish it's already Monday! Alright, I know most people think Monday sucks because it's the start of the week, the first day of work- that's what I also thought not so long ago. But, who cares?! The only day I want is Friday other than that, expect hell! Oh, yes! it's definitely H-E-L-L especially when you're getting scolded worse, yelled at for a mistake you didn't even commit! Thank heavens I'm patient.
  • If not only for the new show in TFC, the Midnight Phantom, I'd probably search the whole desert of Middle East just to find a genie in an oil lamp and wish that everyday will always be Friday! I love Martha Cecilia and I love the story of Midnight Phantom the first time I read it! It's all because of this show that I want to read PHR pocketbooks again! I miss my collection! huhuhu... How I wish there's some store in here that will sell them! praying*
  • My left eye is hurting again! I bet it'll be smaller than the other by the time I wake up tomorrow.
  • Got a crush. haha! Weird! But 이특 오빠 is still No. 1! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  • I cried yesterday when I heard tatay's voice telling me that I should be even more patient and learn from everything I am experiencing now... WT- I feel like crying again! But seriously, up until now I'm still bothered by the yelling hobby he has! FYI, I wasn't born and educated to be yelled at just because of something I didn't do! (Okay... Erase, Erase, Erase. I need to move on!)
  • The first time I saw the digital BP apparatus in Madam's place, I decided that it'll be the first item I'll send back home. I think that's what nanay and tatay need the most! Oh my! how can I forget nanay's special request- a brand new cellphone! hahahah! I miss them! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Saw the villain Jake Cuenca in Elias Paniki! Gosh! I thought he's hot all over again just like what he was during Majika days! He really rocks long hair! I remember the time when I thought he looked like Ira Cruz!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

It's NO OTHER but Super Junior

I can't help but post this! I miss the boys so much and I even want to get the same shirt as Leeteuk-oppa's in 2:28! The song really makes me feel good that I won't get tired of listening to it!

이것이 사랑해야합니다! (heart_beat)(heart_beat)