Sunday, December 31, 2006

Welcoming 2007 with a BANG!

Surprisingly, I was able to do something with my wordpress tonight! This is my way of welcoming 2007 with a BANG! After many months, the long wait is over! lolz! Perhaps its because no geniuses were around. Heck! they really make me feel uncomfortable every time I work on my wordpress!!!

My work is definitely not at par with some of us working here. Oh well, no big deal. Just like some, designing templates was never my specialty. I’ll just live it to those who are good at it…

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Somebody Owns You Now

Aside from the fact that has been very successful, I would say that Rico B. has been not-so-lucky being Rivemaya's front man knowing that Bamboo Mañalac has already set THE standards that most of their avid listeners and fans has remembered since the band started.

Anyway, Rico is a great composer and what the heck! I still love a number of songs that he wrote!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Merry Little Christmas Eve

They say you're more blessed when its Christmas. Well, on my part I ain't sure of that though somehow I want to believe it. Its been ages since I last attended mass and I don't know if its a blessing or just luck when I meet my ex there... heheheh... No hard feelings or should I say, No hurt feelings. Its Christmas anyway... We didn't actually talk and I wasn't even sure if he saw me there... Though I can clearly visualize him that night... He's still cute just like the last time I saw him... heheheh...

Don't get me wrong I don't really consider meeting my ex at the church as a blessing. Its more of being able to attend mass after more or less five months. Its Christmas and coming to mass on Christmas eve isn't a bad idea after all. Besides I feel like I was rejuvenated after attending one...

I just wish it's Christmas eve every Sunday. What dya think?!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Caught in the Act

Let's see... I have nothing else to do right now... Unluckily, my daily quota was increased from 30 to at least 40. I dunno if its because I was caught sleeping during office hours by my beloved "TL" and/or bossing, or if it's just because my client was just so eager to increase the hits of the site... Whichever the reason was, it doesn't matter... I was again caught video streaming... Duh! what can I do? I feel sleepy already and I need something to make me alive again! And in this case, watching Vic Zhou on Youtube was quite effective... ;))

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I was HOOKED... again

This is the day that perhaps I will never forget not until I'll forget being hooked with the four gorgeous guys in the in the series... I would certainly agree that this has started it all! It may not be the first ever tsinovela in the country but Meteor Garden indeed hooked the hearts of every Filpinos from north to south! Just like the trailer they had

For those who have forgotten Meteor Garden, perhaps your not that hooked with it before! I should you indeed missed something! The feeling of excitement of how the story will turn out or who gets who? I can still remember those times, during weekends that I would not want to change the channel even though the ads were too long just because I wanna see the trailer of the next episode... I would also go home early after school coz I don't wanna miss anything!!! The hell I care about cute guys at school! I was very much in touched with the series especially with HUA ZE LEI (Vic Chou) and later with XI MEN (Ken Zhu)!

Well, I would really want Hua Ze Lei and San Chai at first... Maybe its because the earlier episodes of the series I saw that Lei plays a mysterious hero for San Chai... Heck! being a girl, who wouln't want that? Someone like Lei who's there to help you out?! But of course, there's DAO MING XI or AH SI- a guy who's always ready to stand for his feelings for the girl he really like and love in the end. A guy who would defend you and do anything just to be with you. Though in a crude way, it's still something! I think a girl needs a guy who's as persistent as AH SI!

The story might have evolved around San Chai, Ah Si, and Lei's love story, lets's not forget MEI ZHOU ( Vanness Wu) and XI MEN (Ken Zhu)... Well, these two made the whole story almost perfect as well as made girls swoon over F4! Being a happy-go-lucky guy who is always ready to stand by his friends no matter what and Xi Men- MY Xi Men... Sounds possesive? winks... I really like his character in the story- a playboy! Ooops! don't get me wrong guys! I think its kinda sweet if someone, a playboy like him would change when in love... especially when you're the reason why he decided to change, right?

I guess this is my longest blog entry ever... Funny, I really thought I was over with Meteor Garden and F4. But I was wrong, dead wrong! A few nights ago, I decided to searched for the manga of the series and seeing a number of entries in the site, I decided to watch it and here I am being hooked again! sigh...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006



I just thought that this line from Bamboo's Dinner at 6 is very much applicable to whats happening to me for this past few days... I would say its been a bad weekend at home and for my first day of the week at work, its been hell since I started late and and ended late than the usual...

I have one shameful experience last Sunday while I was sleeping! Its been I a while since it happened to me again and I was really ashamed of myself knowing that I was the only who became aware of it!

I'm a mess! Right now, the only thing I wanted to do is go home and sleep the whole day or should I say as long as possibly can! I'll be trying to drink milk later if it would effective and change my sleeping habits... I still wanted to have a good-day sleep- a long one knowing that I need it! having pimples on your face would make you understand what I mean!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Some lessons are learned only through

P A I N...

Sometimes our VISION

clears only after our eYeS

are cleared with TEARS

Sometimes we have to be

BRoKeN so we can be


Friday, September 29, 2006

Dinner at 6

Its been almost a week when I bought Bamboo's "Light, Peace, Love" CD. Wait, for those who know me personally, you might be wondering why I just bought my cd last Sunday knowing that I love the band ever since it was created... It's because we've been waiting for the album's special edition issue just like what happened in the band's first album "As the Music Plays". But, sadly there's none- no special edition issue... Disappointing! Anyway, since they don't have plans of haveing a special edition essue. I decided to buy a copy for myself...

The songs were really cool! Bamboo's vox is really exquisite! I love all the songs of course! But what really caught my attention (and my not so tallented sense of hearing) was the fourth track:DINNER at6... I love the beat! and the lyrics of course! I think most of the lyrics in the album are narrative which is kinda cute for me... I don't know!!! can't really explain my opinion right now... heheheheheh... Anyway you can always check it out... But first let me just give you the lyrics of Dinner at 6.. Hope you'll enjoy! winks

Dinner at 6

Dinner at 6 I can no longer wait for your call
I’ve been waiting for days
It’s hard for me to think you’ve forgotten my number
When we had such a nice chat the other day
Hope nothing serious has happened it’s been a good weekend
Called my mother 3 times
My streaks finally broken
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen such a lovely face
Will nothing spoil my day… let nothing spoil my day
I’m afraid to look
Only to find You could be just like the rest
Give me a sign You think you’ve figured me out
I’m a mess still you want to stay
Like fine wine this keeps getting better with time so what’s the delay
Well I know this all looks bad but underneath it all
But your timing couldn’t be any better this is my curtain call
Well I know you know my name that little look you gave, gave it you away
So behave I’ll be nice mother I don’t need to be told twice

6 in the morning I’m still here… I’m still here
What you read in the paper I tell you their lies
Stop looking at me with those vanishing eyes
The gods have spoken and I’m forced to fib it was the night of nights
I went out for a little drink
Met up with an old friend said hello
Goodbye… I gotta go Home Only to find nobody
You afraid to take a hard look let me sell you my story
It’s tragic You think you’ve figured me out I’m a mess you still don’t want to stay
Save my tears for later I got something cooking
Let’s not delay… Better behave
Take a better look at myself
Better behave take a better look at myself
This is a shame
Have I fallen from grace…

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Planning Stage

Another night had passed and today's Saturday... Tonight's last night of work and I'm still sick! huhhuuhu... I just hate the feeling of having a flu. Though I feel better than yesterday... Maybeits with the medicine I took last night and just this morning...

By the way, our internet connection has been better thats why I finished my task as early as 1:30 AM!!! Yehey! Applause for me! I'm planning to be absent tonight if my fu will get worst... BUt hopefully it won't! I just can't afford to give up my 1-day salary for that! Besides the only absence I got was during the Bamboo gig and I don't have plans of being absent again as much as possible...

However, recently, I feel like missing sleeping at night! It has beew what... uhmmmm more or less two months that I was not sleeping at night! uhuuhuhu.. I miss my previous routine-my sleeping habits, those days of watching tv and/or listening to music! If only I could just do those things again... One Sunday in a week is not enough...and I also miss wathcing Sunday shows on television especially when my favorite artists are being guested since I'm sleeping....

And hey! tomorrow's Sunday again! I have some plans especially that I just got my salary.. Don't get me wrong, okay? I have plans of saving a part of my monthly salary. But that was just a plan... wheheheh.. Hopefully, I can successfully follow that one...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Doctor, doctor... I am sick

Its been a while since i've something to write here... whehehehe.. I've been busy for two days now.. Our internet connection was really bad that I... or should I say we weren't able to work efficiently! damn! I just hate it! For the past weeks I can finsh my task just before break but just because of this stupid internet connection, I just finished 18 conferences instead of 30 which is my daily quota! However, yesterday, I was lucky enough to finish all thoigh i have to work on my deficit of 12 conferences last monday... So I have to do it by Saturaday... Its good that I already started on working for the deficit this morning!

But there's one problem I'm facing right now... Well, I am not feeling well. My flu got worst since last night plus the fact that the aircon is centered at our location... :(( God! I just wanted to end this night because of this feeling. I already had taken my medicine but I really wanted to go home now! huhuhuuh.. for the hours, just after the break I just slept... heheheh.. I was lucky that my attention was not called because of my attitude... whew!

I'll just hope my feeling will get better tonight. I just can't afford being sick! I hate it! duh! who would love being sick anyway? Just pray for me.. okay? till next time! otso!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pier 16 esCapade

iT was a worknight for the three of us-me and my two other friends Grace and MAribeth. but it doesn'T matteR! we've beeN planninG for thiS sinCe the fiRst tiME Beth heard the ad over the radio... we even bought the tickets a week before scared that we there will be nothing left for us...

The night came and the we can't explain the excitement! yep! too exited that we almost forgot our tickets! on ouR way, we were too blessed to meet one of crushes! well, its good to know that he has matured. I can't really tell if up to what extent, but he did! we've been arguing when we left him whose fault that we forgot to take a picture of him with us! (nax! so celebrity-like huh?!) nevertheless, its okay, we can always ask approach him and do whatever we please, i guess.. hahaha! besides, the film on the camera was not really intended for him!

the gig started at and it was hot! everything's hot! the place, the people, and of couurse the band!!! He sang songs from both their first and second albums plus the all-time favorites like Elesi, ulan, and hinahanap-hanap kita plus his own version of waiting in vain which was included in their repackaged edition of As the Music Plays album.

wE left the place around 1A.M., a bit disappointed that we did not get the chance to ask for their autographs or something... i just hope we could get the chance next time they are back... i just hope!

hinahanaP-hanaP kiTa

Again, since i finished my task for tonight just before my break, i have to spend my remaining time either sleeping or dosomething else... well, i opted for the second one since we're not allowed to sleep in the office!! aside from updating my other accounts, i also decided to sign in here! i just hope i can sustain this-you know writing or probably sharing my insights... eeeww... i don't really trust my insights and my talent in journalism! maybe its because i'm more of a talker than a writer...

so this is my first insight to be put here! and i have nothing else to say or think tom put here so i had lifted an entry from my other account...

its been 14 days since my favorite band performed @ pier16...but still, just like my multiply account, I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH!!! hahaha... and who can? you know... for someone who has been admiring not only the looks, but most especially the talent and the music of these guys, You will never have enough!...

14 days ago, i was in cloud 9 since it really paid off (my first absence at work and of course the body pain I've gone through because of the event!) though I really wanted for more! hahahha!!! just like the e soft drink ad which they're the hottest local endorser at present, I would say that I WONT STOP ASKING FOR MORE!!! i presume you know what I mean... :-)

i just don't know when will i get over this feeling- the feeling Ive been feeling for 14 days now! hahahah...and I think i'm in a dilemma (/) but don't worry guys! i can assure you i am perfectly enjoying it! right now, i'm waiting for the time when they'll be back! surely i won't miss watching the four of 'em!