Friday, September 22, 2006

Doctor, doctor... I am sick

Its been a while since i've something to write here... whehehehe.. I've been busy for two days now.. Our internet connection was really bad that I... or should I say we weren't able to work efficiently! damn! I just hate it! For the past weeks I can finsh my task just before break but just because of this stupid internet connection, I just finished 18 conferences instead of 30 which is my daily quota! However, yesterday, I was lucky enough to finish all thoigh i have to work on my deficit of 12 conferences last monday... So I have to do it by Saturaday... Its good that I already started on working for the deficit this morning!

But there's one problem I'm facing right now... Well, I am not feeling well. My flu got worst since last night plus the fact that the aircon is centered at our location... :(( God! I just wanted to end this night because of this feeling. I already had taken my medicine but I really wanted to go home now! huhuhuuh.. for the hours, just after the break I just slept... heheheh.. I was lucky that my attention was not called because of my attitude... whew!

I'll just hope my feeling will get better tonight. I just can't afford being sick! I hate it! duh! who would love being sick anyway? Just pray for me.. okay? till next time! otso!

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