Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wanted: The Racist UglyYubin

I don't want to say much except that I really think she deserves to be smacked or probably be abducted by terrorists in the south. Seriously, I think a racist like her deserves it more than anybody else!

I first saw this when I visited botomoipatrolmo.multiply.com and I was furious! How can someone say insensitive comments in situations like this? I'm really praying Karma will get to her soon! grrr

When I tried to visit twitter account , it looked like this!

I bet she's now scared of "monkeys" who are able to swim and live. Oh well, she should be! Belittling "monkeys" is no joke!

I really, really, really hate racists like her, UglyYubin! Her name does reflect with what kind of person she is!

"Or let them cook you"?- LOL! I totally can't wait for the opportunity to meet UglyYubin! It'll be an honor to cook you! ROFL


16 October 2009

It's been almost a month since that tragic event happened. I should have updated this post earlier but I was too lazy. Today, I was able to read the comments and it gave me a push to finally update my post... I know, this shouldn't be called update but rather uplate- this is long overdue! hekhek

Anyways, just wanna tell you guys that I know who Yubin is and how famous she is. I knew at first that th "UglyYubin" account was a poser. It's just that for someone like me who had experienced the same thing (no, not with Ondoy but with Frank) it was pretty infuriating to read such comments.

The primary reason why I post this is because I also wanted to express what I felt as well as hoped that, that Filipino-Yubin hater will be able to read it... ^^

To Anonymous,
Thanks a lot for the comments!
It was pretty enlightening.
Filipinos♥Koreans Forever! rofl

♥ nemiXX

Thursday, September 10, 2009

KiSS MV by Dara ft. Lee Minho

Ok... The drama Boys over Flowers is waaaaay over but Lee Minho's hotness is still spreading all over Asia and the world. As of 2ne1, I can't say more aside from, I'm a FAN! They're hip. They're cool. They're fierce. They're hot. F!@# all those bubblegum pop songs!

My Angel Teukie

I just finish editing Leeteuk's pic using GIMP and I'm loving it! ♥ ♥ ♥

Though the edited pic wasn't really complicated, the output (for me) was amazing knowing that I suck in using both GIMP and Photoshop...

I tried looking for some nice wings to be used here ans I found it on Deviantart, from PinkMonkeyLove (thanks a bunch!)

My Angel Teukie

I'm totally crazy about this pic- seriously! 0.o Want proofs?




So, what do you think? Is this love or I'm just crazy? ROFL