Friday, November 06, 2009

Star ng Pasko

Lately, I've been busy with my new blog that i didn't get the chance to post something in here. A lot of things happened since my last post. One of which was, last Monday I discovered that my Youtube account got suspended! It was really disappointing since I had lots of good videos in there! :(

Anyways, there's no other choice but to create a new one. Hopefully I don't gt suspended again...

Just wanna share this video of ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID for 2009. I really, really like this video entitled (Bro, Ikaw ang) Star ng Pasko. This song is very timely and inspiring after everything that had happened and is happening to our country today... ^_^

If you wanna download the mp4 of this beautiful song, visit this blog and for mp3, here.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Super Junior is your MY Genie!

I was watching Star Dance Battle in Youtube and since I kinda miss Eeteuk oppa and the rest of the boys, I can't help but download the one where Super Junior is doin SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)!

Though not all of them performed, I find this really entertaining and funny.. ^^

Video Courtesy of CodeMonmonSeason4

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Take Me to the Philippines ft. Apl De Ap

Department of Tourism's latest campaign for MTV global youth featuring Black Eyed Peas member and a proud Filipino, Apl De Ap. ^^

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wanted: The Racist UglyYubin

I don't want to say much except that I really think she deserves to be smacked or probably be abducted by terrorists in the south. Seriously, I think a racist like her deserves it more than anybody else!

I first saw this when I visited and I was furious! How can someone say insensitive comments in situations like this? I'm really praying Karma will get to her soon! grrr

When I tried to visit twitter account , it looked like this!

I bet she's now scared of "monkeys" who are able to swim and live. Oh well, she should be! Belittling "monkeys" is no joke!

I really, really, really hate racists like her, UglyYubin! Her name does reflect with what kind of person she is!

"Or let them cook you"?- LOL! I totally can't wait for the opportunity to meet UglyYubin! It'll be an honor to cook you! ROFL


16 October 2009

It's been almost a month since that tragic event happened. I should have updated this post earlier but I was too lazy. Today, I was able to read the comments and it gave me a push to finally update my post... I know, this shouldn't be called update but rather uplate- this is long overdue! hekhek

Anyways, just wanna tell you guys that I know who Yubin is and how famous she is. I knew at first that th "UglyYubin" account was a poser. It's just that for someone like me who had experienced the same thing (no, not with Ondoy but with Frank) it was pretty infuriating to read such comments.

The primary reason why I post this is because I also wanted to express what I felt as well as hoped that, that Filipino-Yubin hater will be able to read it... ^^

To Anonymous,
Thanks a lot for the comments!
It was pretty enlightening.
Filipinos♥Koreans Forever! rofl

♥ nemiXX

Thursday, September 10, 2009

KiSS MV by Dara ft. Lee Minho

Ok... The drama Boys over Flowers is waaaaay over but Lee Minho's hotness is still spreading all over Asia and the world. As of 2ne1, I can't say more aside from, I'm a FAN! They're hip. They're cool. They're fierce. They're hot. F!@# all those bubblegum pop songs!

My Angel Teukie

I just finish editing Leeteuk's pic using GIMP and I'm loving it! ♥ ♥ ♥

Though the edited pic wasn't really complicated, the output (for me) was amazing knowing that I suck in using both GIMP and Photoshop...

I tried looking for some nice wings to be used here ans I found it on Deviantart, from PinkMonkeyLove (thanks a bunch!)

My Angel Teukie

I'm totally crazy about this pic- seriously! 0.o Want proofs?




So, what do you think? Is this love or I'm just crazy? ROFL

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker

The most awaited first solo album of BigBang's leader, G-Dragon is out today featuring his debut single, Heartbreaker.

H ♥ A R T B R ♥ A K ♥ R

A yo! finally! Is this watch me waiting for?
brand new G.D! I move by my self. your my heartbreaker
DJ and YG. Let me take this song here

nado eodiseo kkullijin anheo ajik sseulmanhan geol jukji anhasseo

neohana ttaemune manggajin mom sarajin kkum motchatneun mam
neol wihaeseoramyeon i han mom nallyeo niga inneun gosimyeon dallyeo
hajiman geudaen naege annyeong tto annyeong

*neon naega sirtago iyuga mwonyago
jasininneun nipyojeongi modeungeol malhaejwo seulpeugehae
geuraedo jotago gihoereul dallaedo
hanbeon doraseon nimoseup chagaun geu nunbichi sirheoyo

no no
yo ma ha-ha- heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
yo ma ha- ha- heart breaker no way no way
naega neol tteonagandaedo naneun jeongmal gandago jalsanabojago
jigeutjigeutae ppigeutppigeutae naesarangui bigeuge no way

maeil ttokgachi mutneunde neon naega byeonhaetdago hae gajingseureon ipdamullae
sangdaega nugunji algo malhae nan ije out of control honjaseo gyesok-
geujari geugoseseo annyeong tto annyeong


*no no
yo ma ha- ha- heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
yo ma ha- ha- heart breaker no way no way
naega neol tteonagandaedo naneun jeongmal gandago jalsanabojago
jigeutjigeutae ppigeutppigeutae naesarangui bigeuge

I’ll still still be there(kkeojin ni jeonhwagie)
I’ll still still be there(naejibap pyeonjihame)
nan ajikdo geudael(ijen namira haedo)
I’ll will still be there

yeongwonhi hamkkehajan geumaldeul
jamkkanui,dalkomhan ppunirago
geudaen wae amureochiannnyago nan ireoke apeunde
yo ma ha- ha- heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
yo ma ha- ha- heart breaker breaker
h.e.a.r.t. breaker

Monday, August 03, 2009

Record Breaker - Sarah Geronimo

Ooh Ooh. Record Breaker
Ooh Ooh. Record Breaker
I'm gonna flip this game around
Shake it up. Break it down
Record Breaker, Deal Maker
Shake it baby, get it ready
Bring it to the dance floor
Boy I leave you wanting more
Record Breaker, Deal Maker
Shake it baby, get it ready
Bring it to the dance floor
Boy I leave you wanting more
You think you kno-ow...
I bet you think you know the score
I think you don't though,
Gonna flip it show you more
I'm a new sound,
Like you never heard before
Move it along now, you know,
You want to groove some more
Uh-Oh-Oh! Uh-Oh-Oh!
I'm gonna flip this game around
Shake it up. Break it down
Uh-Oh-Oh! Uh-Oh-Oh!
I'm gonna flip this game around
Shake it up. Dance now
Record Breaker, Deal Maker
Shake it baby, get it ready
Bring it to the dance floor
Boy I leave you wanting more
Record Breaker, Deal Maker
Shake it baby, get it ready
Bring it to the dance floor
Boy I leave you wanting more
Ooh Ooh.
Ooh Ooh. Record Breaker
Come on and move it
Leavin' all the rest behind
Later if need be
I'll run it by you one more time
I'm not your average
Girl who sits and reads her line
If you're carrying baggage
You're heading to the exit sign
Uh-Oh-Oh! Uh-Oh-Oh!
I'm gonna flip this game around
Shake it up. Break it down
Uh-Oh-Oh! Uh-Oh-Oh!
I'm gonna flip this game around
Shake it up. Dance now
Record Breaker, Deal Maker
Shake it baby, get it ready
Bring it to the dance floor
Boy I leave you wanting more
Record Breaker
Record Breaker

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Different Worlds [MV]

I just got a copy of Pupil's latest music video Different Worlds! Yehey! Thank you, Clipnabber! mwaaah!

Different Worlds is
one of my favorite cuts from Pupil's first album entitled Beautiful Machines (2005) as well as All This Time, Gamu-Gamo, Dianetic, and False Alarm.

I heard Pupil will launch a special edition of their highly-successful sophomore album Wildlife on July 10, 2009 and Different Worlds is part of it. (awesome!)

this is the opening of the show
so glad you came here tonight
heard you got lost in the woods again
well that makes two of us

Take control of your mind
'cause we're living in different worlds
different worlds
it's just a matter of time
till we're living in different worlds
over and under again

So now we're going around and around
the clock strikes five and we howl
Vermillion eyes wrapped around your face
cloaked in sugar
dressed in in fiendshish flour

Waiting at your door
it's a version i've never heard before
speak and shuffle your cards
I see through your facade
I'm on to you and now i'm going
going, going gone

Take control of your mind
'cause we're living in different worlds
different worlds
it's just a matter of time
till we're living in different worlds
over and under again

Systems are turning inside out
the end is drawing near

Take control of your mind
'cause we're living in different worlds
different worlds
it's just a matter of time
till we're living in different worlds
over and under again



I'm one crazy Kim Bum fan and today is Kim Bum's 20th birthday so, I'm dedicating this to him 'cause we're indeed living in different worlds... hahaha! toink!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Greet me, it's my birthday!

yay! it's my 24th birthday today... and i'm getting old! i'm 24 and poor... jeez, how sad.

i'm twenty-four and haven't done much. i hope this year i get to do and experience something interesting- probably bungee jumping.

im twenty-four and i wonder when will i get rich- so filthy rich that i can fulfill my all-time wish to go backpacking and travel around the world? seriously, i don't know if it will ever come true but i'm praying- i'm praying really, really hard. LOL

i'm twenty-four and i wish (aside from becoming rich) for me and my loved ones good health, happiness, and long (longer) lives. this is year isn't really a happy year for me and my family. my uncle just passed away two months ago and my grandfather is in the hospital right now. so, it's sort of a little wierd for me since things aren't the same and our family isn't complete. :-(

okay. enough of the sob story. what the heck! it's my birthday! yehey! i'm sooo excited to go home! so, bye for now... i have to prepare my report! :P


Greet me, it's my birthday! LOL

Friday, June 26, 2009

DBSK's Stand By U at NHK

Okay. since I can't post it on Youtube, I decided to put this video here. I'm not really die-hard crazy fan of DBSK but I have to admit, they're not only good-looking but also talented. Do you agree? Honestly, I still prefer Super Junior over them... and I don't even know why? Do you? LOL

Anyways, here's
Dong Bang Shin Ki / Tohonshinki live performance in NHK with their latest single Stand By You.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's you / Neorago / 너라고 on my iTouch

Super Junior's latest single It's you / Neorago / 너라고 is current "LSS" for the part weeks now. Seriously! hahah. I ended up downloading almost all of the group's live performances of It's You in my iTouch. Even though I know all their live performances were the same, I still enjoyed watching it. haha~ it's crazy!

mp4 file of Super Junior's It's You live performances:

Download Live Performance 1 (17May2009)

Download Live Performance 2 (31May2009)

Download Live Performance 3 (30May2009)

*videos aren't mine. credits goes to the original uploader ^_^

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It is YOU

I'm so into this right now, seriously. The latest single from Super Junior, "Neorago" (너라고). What the heck! Kpop is totally invading my iPod Touch! It's crazy since I don't even understand anything when I listen to this. Thank goodness there's Google. LOL

It makes me remember Bamboo in one of his interviews when he was asked about his reaction on the way other Southeast Asian countries embraced the song Hallelujah though it's lyrics is mainly Filipino. He said, "Music is a universal language..."

And I agree... Cool isn't it? ;-)

It's You MV- Super Junior

Download MV in mp4 file HERE

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I wrote this entry through my iPod Touch after we arrived from the hospital, around midnight. I still feel like crying even until now...

I will surely miss him.

I was in the middle of my nap when my brother woke me up last Saturday, April 4 at about 11:30 am. He told me that our uncle, Tito boy was brought to the hospital due to loss of consciousness. I immediately thought it was stroke- a mild one. But...

It was around 10 am when it happened. It was my cousin, her daughter Ann-Ann who saw him collapsed after drinking water. He actually regained consciousness later. My other uncles told him and his wife tita Rose that they should go to the hospital since tito boy is also suffering from high blood. But then, he refused to saying that they don't have money. Instead, he asked tita rose something for him to eat. Everyone thought it was going to be alright but after a few moments he collapsed again. .. And there was when more to it than simply collapsing. I even shuddered when I was listening to the story.

I was hoping that Tito boy is going to be fine. I was hoping that it was just a mild stroke. That we don't have to really worry much about it. But...

It was when I received a text message later in the afternoon that Tito boy was in a critical condition and was in the ICU and the doctor informed them that there's only a small percentage for him to survive. My brother and I decided to visit him at the hospital for the last time and there, I got the chance to enter the ICU. There, I noticed that it was only tito who's in the most critical condition if you'll base it to all the apparatus connected to his body. When I saw him, I really can't explain what I'm feeling or going to feel knowing that he only got a few moments left. It was only the respirator that's helping him to continue breathing and even the doctor already gave his deadline- it was only up until morning.

It sucks, you know. It feels like I'm having a hard time breathing by just looking at him. That scene where I only get to watch in the movies and soaps- it was my first time to see it first hand.

I can only imagine how hard it is for his wife and two kids, noynoy and isoy to watch him like that. Tito is only 41.

And while I was typing this on my iPod touch, I can still see it- that scene in the ICU. It makes my heart stir.

And now,

I just received a message from tita inday who was also there at the hospital to assist that Tito boy had passed away. It was around 12:55 am of April 5 that Tito finally left us. He passed away leaving his wife and three children who are just 14, 12, and 7 years old. I dont know how or who will break this bad news to them tomorrow. They were actually sleeping right now. Noynoy, the oldest among the three even mentioned earlier, while we are on our way home that he'll be back at the hospital early morning. Im just hoping that he's at least expecting the worse when he's back there tomorrow.

While writing this, I can't help myself not to cry. I will surely miss him- Ang tikalon ko nga Tito. We will definitely miss him. Pati ang mga upod nya sa imnanay.

I'm actually a little hesitant to face what's in store for all of us tomorrow. This is something new to me- having a close relative, a really close one to pass away. I mean, someone whom you've been accustomed to see since you were young. Someone who brought home a huge snake when you were young and asked you to touch it. Someone who went a little crazy over love and ran am mock trying to scare everyone else. Someone whom you'd ran to when there something wrong with the washing machine, or the fridge, or the iron, or even the motorcycle.

Life indeed is unpredictable. One thing I learn about this is living your life to the fullest. Live it like today is your last. It might sound cliché but it's true. You really wouldn't know what will happen next. I can still remember how it feels like when I left the office early this morning. I thought it was an ordinary day just like my usual Saturdays... But I guess not...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pinoy "Only You" Filming

I came across a blog, Buhay sa Korea which features recent photos of the filming of the tv drama remake "Only You" by ABS-CBN. The remake, which also dubbed "Buhay ng Buhay Ko" stars Angel Locsin, Sam Milby, and Diether Ocampo. I'm actually excited about this drama since the original series was one of my favorites... And just like an avid fan, I'm hoping I won't get disappointed when the remake comes out. ^_^

Want more photos from the filming? Click HERE

Photo Credits: Buhay sa Korea

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Bday BFF!!!

A friend of mine is celebrating her 24th birthday today. And since I wasn't able to send her an SMS greeting for her birthday, I decided to create a post for her. The thing is, I sort of don't know what to write about her. Besides, I'm not really into this kind of stuff- it's a little to corny for me. haha! Mushy stuff doesn't suit me! Hopefully, Lilibeth would understand...

Betchai and I are friends for a decade now. We've been very close ever since. I can still clearly remember how we became friends...

It was on the first day of my freshman year. I was still the shy-type kind of girl at that time and it was Globelle and her who approached me first.. Though Globelle found another set of friends, Betchai and I
just clicked in an instant. We also met new friends who became part of our memorable high school life.

Our friendship even continued until we get into the University. The truth is, she was the one who made me apply for UP. We even chose the same course and got accepted! However, at the last minute I ended up enrolling in another degree. LOL

As friends, Betchai and I have been through a lot. I'm just thankful I get to meet someone like her (hopefully, she feels the same way). I'm quite lucky about that fact. And even though we don't really get to see each other often, I know we still are good friends. It's just a shame that I didn't texted her earlier. She might thought I forgot about her 24th Birthday. How can I? I actually had set my cellphone alarm for this day or even if I don't I wouldn't miss this day!



Remember I told about how I feel that things around me change and thought I had difficulty coping with it? Well, as I go through the photos in my usb, I realized not everything changes!

3rd Year HS JS PRom (2001)

UPV Baccalaureate Ceremony (2006)

3-1 Reunion (December 2008)

Looks like someone's too proud? ahaha!!

Happy Bday Betchai! Don't get to engrossed with your lovelife , okay? If you know what I mean... hehe...

I 'll pray that you'll be a better daughter this year and give your Papsy your blessing! ahaha!

Good Luck! ^_^

Love yah!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

If You Seek...

Check out Britney's latest video- If You Seek Amy! I'm totally digging this song right now. I don't really care that there's some kind of obscenity disguised in the songs lyrics. I'm quite old for it anyway! haha... In fact, I have I You Seek Amy's mp4 file ready for my iPod Touch!

It's just sad that the airing of this song might also be banned in local music channels and radio stations because of its suggestive lyrics.. sigh

Download Britney's If You Seek Amy mp4 video here

Friday, March 13, 2009

BOF Stars Endorsing Hand Phones!

And so, its official-ABS-CBN got rights to air the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers a.k.a Kkotboda Namja in the Philippines. I've read a couple of articles about it a month ago and also seen pictures of the cast in ABS-CBN's Multiply site. Its really good to know that I'll get to see my current craze in Philippine television soon.

Anyways, since I don't have much to do aside from reviewing my VA Training Module, I get to spend more time visiting blogs. Recently, I was also inclined to watch TVXQ/DBSK videos on Youtube. I never really thought I'd ever enjoy watching it. I totally root for Jaejoong to be the funniest among the five guys. LOL

Okay... Though I enjoy watching TVXQ/DBSK videos online, I still can't get over my Boys over Flowers Craze... I found this very interesting commercial of my favorite BOF stars endorsing high-end hand phones. Totally cute TV Commercials haha! My cute Kim Bum totaly rocked and Hyun Joong is so f!@#$% hot in one of the scenes
in the commercial- the finger-linking scene (so cunning and totally sexy)!

There's only one thing I was curious about. Why is it my dear Kim Bum is endorsing both Samsung Anycall Haptic and LG CF at the same time Aren't the two products direct competitors? or not? It would be great if someone could enlighten me about this! ( I'm kinda lost, you know... ) @_@ On the other hand, its still sounds awesome since it only implies that Kim Bum is quite marketable these days! haha!

Samsung Anycall Haptic Commercial featuring Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon

LG CF Commercial featuring Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Goo Hye Sun

Oops, there's more!

I also found some photos of my favorite actors in the drama- Hyun Joong and Kim Bum. Though I don't really like Kim Joon (as much as I do with Hyun Joong and Kim Bum), I must say he is doing well in BOF. Its just that his character is meant to (be a support) have less exposure than the others- well, that's what I've noticed after watching all three versions of HYD. hehe... Seriously, I wish to see more of his story if I could. I mean, I didn't get to see the romantic side of Woo Bin in BOF. Its more on friendship, friendship, friendship. Sigh... :P

I can't wait to upload these photos on my Ipod Touch!
Yi Jeong Sunbae and Ji Hoo Sunbae photos will definitely look good as a wallpaper!


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

don't wait for tomorrow, watch now!

Kyaaa!!! Bamboo's second single, Last Days on a Cruise Ship from their album Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday is already out! The video was awesome! Aside from the amazing song, I also loved the outfits being used by the women in the video. The "dog" or whatever you call it (seeing it makes me remember the TV drama, Lobo) is pretty cool. I want to have one! haha

I've watched it last week and from then on, I've been waiting for it to be uploaded on Youtube. Looks like Lady Luck isn't on my side since I can't find the official video on Youtube or any video streaming sites... So, to those who haven't watched it yet... blee! Just kidding! Anyways, visit Bamboo's Official Site to see the video or just click the photo!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Yi Jeong or Ji Hoo? Hmm?

For the past weeks, I was (actually) totally addicted to Kkotboda Namja, the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers. It was quite obvious in my previous post. @_@

Right at this moment, I've been wondering why there was a delay on the uploads of the 17th episode of drama over Youtube and other video streaming sites... I'm really hopeful I will get to see it very soon (maybe before the week ends).

Anyways, I just thought that perhaps, the reason why I get so hooked over this drama is because of the two characters/guys I love so much! Hell, yeah! I'm absolutely not to mention completely torn between YI JEONG and JI HOO! waaah! They're so f@#$%^ hot! LOL

Kim Bum as So Yi Jeong

Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo

Monday, February 09, 2009

I Know...

This sucks! I have lots of things going around my mind right now that I don’t know what to think about first. Haha! It’s probably the reason why I'm really useless at this point. My client forgot to contact me after he sent me a message that he’ll be back after 10 minutes, when he’s ready of something for me to work on with. Thank goodness he has forgotten about it I get to spend more time doing my nothing again. It ‘s fine being idle once in a while, but when you do it most of the time (like I do) it would be like you’re somewhere out there in Mars when you should be on Earth in the first place. I would perhaps go nuts if this continues.

Wtf. You don’t have to say it. I know. I’m boring. Actually, I’m trying my best not to. I wonder if others perceive me this way like I do to myself. I hope not. Haha

Oh, yeah! I remember some of things that I’ve been thinking these past few weeks. Some of which really bothers me, actually (shhh)

First, I do think I suck in English Grammar. It does make a little conscious. Really. Now that you know, I beg for your kind consideration. That's why I finally decided to read the Sidney Shildon’s rage of Angels which I bought last year. Oh, yes. That was last year! Shameful isn’t it? Hopefully, it would help improve my English skills- lets pray to that!

Second, I’m obsessed with the newest and probably the hottest drama online right now- the Korean version of Boys over Flowers or Kkotboda Namja! Fuck! It’s really nostalgic. It’s like I was 17 again. Yes, seventeen. I was seventeen when the hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden was aired in the Philippines. And just like before, I fell in love with Ji Hoo and Yi Jeong which was known to be Hua Ze Lei and Xi Men in Meteor Garden. The only difference now is I can’t choose between Ji Hoo and Yi Jeong unlike in Meteor Garden that I undoubtedly chose Xi Men over Hua Ze Lei in the end.

Third, I’m a huge fan of Yi Jeong and Ga Eul! In fact, I’m a fan in distress! The mangaka of the original Hana Yori Dango was so mean for not making these two characters end up together. It sucks because after watching MG and HYD, I have always known that they won’t have their own happily-ever-after thing. And the crazy thing is, I’m always hoping for it. Fuck. This would probably top my own list of Guilty Pleasures- and its way up there. Perhaps I would never get to see the kind of ending I (and other fans) want in a drama. Well, not unless I become a producer or something then I would definitely consider making my drama and my own ending for my own happiness. But for now, I’ll just satisfy myself with only reading fanfics. Jeez, I’m so obsessed! It’s fuckin’ crazy. I hope I can get over of this obsession soon.

I had this feeling that I fell more in love with Yi Jeong and Ga Eul characters when I saw the part where he played the sax for her. I really thought the sound of sax which made me fall for their characters even more. That's why I can't help but download it online- I mean the whole soundtrack! haha

Let me also share it with you. You can download it below. @_@

I Know (Sax)- Lee Jung Sik

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dinagyang '09- I Rocked but didn't Drop

The Dinagyang fever is over. I planned to watch it live last Sunday but the plan wasn't pushed through. I was too tired watching Bamboo's gig with Sponge Cola and Callalily the night before that. And as a loyal supporter of Tribu Bola-Bola, I'm kinda disappointed that they only got the first place(Tribu Paghidaet was able to defend their title as the Champions of the Ati Competition) and a minor award, Best in Street Dancing. That was when I told myself, "so this is how the supporters of other tribes feel every ti
me we win the championship crown and most of the special/minor awards before..." I do feel a little frustrated... LOL

Since my dearly beloved tribe did not win in this year's competition, I won't talk much about the competition itself. I would rather reminisce Bamboo's gig last January 24! It was pretty exciting. Callalily, Sponge Cola, and Bamboo performed in one venue- The Avenue. I really enjoyed watching and singing along just like everyone else. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it so much that even though I promised myself that I will only use my cellphone during Bamboo's performance, I can't help but break my promise and took videos of the bands before them! As a matter of fact, the battery of my cellphone died out just minutes before Bamboo's performance! F@#$! I was really pissed off.

Loved this Sponge Cola's version of Sana Maulit Muli.The last video I took with my selcam before it died out.

However, lady luck is still on my side since I won an MP4 in the raffle and also brought my Motorola K1 with me. The one thing I forgot was my K1's memory card! hahah.. so much for lady luck, eh? Anyways, I only ended up taking photos of the band. The quality isn't that good but well, Bamboo is still Bamboo! So, f@#$ the quality! @_@

It was a very exhilarating night just like the nights we had before- the nights when we used to watch gigs of Bamboo.

Back home, my feet were numb and my throat hurt as well as my arms and shoulders, and my back. In short, my whole body was in pain! But its all worth it. It has always been worth it as long as its Bamboo. In fact, I even wanted more- just like every believer who watched the gig. I can't wait to see them again.


*The Dinagyang photos aren't mine by the way. ^_^

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Siya pa rin ang First Love ko

Sorry but I really have to post this- the latest McDonald's TV Commercial entitled First Love.

I mostly prefer TVC from Jollibee over McDo but this one is my fave among all of McDo's TVCs.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Parang si Ely Buendia...

I was looking for some songs to download in my iTouch when I came across a song entitled Ely Buendia. Being an "Elyista", I downloaded it without hesitation.

Sadly, I can't find the lyrics of the song though I Googled it for so many times. Sigh... And obviously, my last resort is to transcribe it myself. ^_^


Walang ibang makukumpara
Sa akin ay walang iba
Naggigitara siya maghapon
Kumakanta buong taon

Pati pa nga sa porma niya
Pito ata Chuck Taylor niya
Pantalong kupas at punit
Matang naniningkit

Bokalista siya ng banda nila
May boses na mapapaibig ka
Halina na tayo'y sumama

Nagigitara na kumakanta pa siya
Parang si Ely Buendia

Pangarap lang niya ay mapunta
Sa radyo, songhits ang kanta niya
Awiting ipagmamalaki
Ikinakanta sa videoke

Bokalista siya ng banda nila
May boses na mapapaibig ka
Halina na tayo'y pumila

Nagigitara na kumakanta pa siya
Parang si Ely Buendia


Turuan mo ako, turuan mo ako

Dahil gusto ko na ring kumanta
Bumili na rin ng gitara
Meron ding Chuck Taylor puti
At sabay kaway, sabay ngiti

Bokalista siya ng banda nila
May boses na mapapaibig ka
Halina na tayo'y pumila

Nagigitara na kumakanta pa siya
Parang si Ely Buendia