Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Bday BFF!!!

A friend of mine is celebrating her 24th birthday today. And since I wasn't able to send her an SMS greeting for her birthday, I decided to create a post for her. The thing is, I sort of don't know what to write about her. Besides, I'm not really into this kind of stuff- it's a little to corny for me. haha! Mushy stuff doesn't suit me! Hopefully, Lilibeth would understand...

Betchai and I are friends for a decade now. We've been very close ever since. I can still clearly remember how we became friends...

It was on the first day of my freshman year. I was still the shy-type kind of girl at that time and it was Globelle and her who approached me first.. Though Globelle found another set of friends, Betchai and I
just clicked in an instant. We also met new friends who became part of our memorable high school life.

Our friendship even continued until we get into the University. The truth is, she was the one who made me apply for UP. We even chose the same course and got accepted! However, at the last minute I ended up enrolling in another degree. LOL

As friends, Betchai and I have been through a lot. I'm just thankful I get to meet someone like her (hopefully, she feels the same way). I'm quite lucky about that fact. And even though we don't really get to see each other often, I know we still are good friends. It's just a shame that I didn't texted her earlier. She might thought I forgot about her 24th Birthday. How can I? I actually had set my cellphone alarm for this day or even if I don't I wouldn't miss this day!



Remember I told about how I feel that things around me change and thought I had difficulty coping with it? Well, as I go through the photos in my usb, I realized not everything changes!

3rd Year HS JS PRom (2001)

UPV Baccalaureate Ceremony (2006)

3-1 Reunion (December 2008)

Looks like someone's too proud? ahaha!!

Happy Bday Betchai! Don't get to engrossed with your lovelife , okay? If you know what I mean... hehe...

I 'll pray that you'll be a better daughter this year and give your Papsy your blessing! ahaha!

Good Luck! ^_^

Love yah!

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