Tuesday, March 03, 2009

don't wait for tomorrow, watch now!

Kyaaa!!! Bamboo's second single, Last Days on a Cruise Ship from their album Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday is already out! The video was awesome! Aside from the amazing song, I also loved the outfits being used by the women in the video. The "dog" or whatever you call it (seeing it makes me remember the TV drama, Lobo) is pretty cool. I want to have one! haha

I've watched it last week and from then on, I've been waiting for it to be uploaded on Youtube. Looks like Lady Luck isn't on my side since I can't find the official video on Youtube or any video streaming sites... So, to those who haven't watched it yet... blee! Just kidding! Anyways, visit Bamboo's Official Site to see the video or just click the photo!

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