Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today's Saturday and I end up sitting in my office table doing nothing. I hope I won't stay here until 3 p.m. or else, it would suck bigtime! Hope I'll find a way to leave the requirement for the Emirates ID application to someone later on. :D

Two days to go before my 26th birthday! Sheesh! Now, I'm getting old... Though I'm excited to celebrate it for the second time in UAE. Oh, yeah! you heard it right! I'm still in UAE! hahahah!

It's been more a year since I first got here. Five days to go and I'll celebrate my one year anniversary with Oryx Hotel. :D

Sadly, my one huge disappointment of being here is that I wasn't able lose weight! Never! In fact, I gained more! ugh.

Shameless, aren't I? Oh well, that's me! What to do yani? Gone one Arabic word there! Mabrouk! (and that's another)

Arabic is quite difficult to learn or is it not? I'm not really sure. All I know is that my passion to learn the language is not as much as the passion I felt when I wanted to learn Hangeul, Niponggo, or Mandarin from not so long ago.