Friday, February 27, 2009

Yi Jeong or Ji Hoo? Hmm?

For the past weeks, I was (actually) totally addicted to Kkotboda Namja, the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers. It was quite obvious in my previous post. @_@

Right at this moment, I've been wondering why there was a delay on the uploads of the 17th episode of drama over Youtube and other video streaming sites... I'm really hopeful I will get to see it very soon (maybe before the week ends).

Anyways, I just thought that perhaps, the reason why I get so hooked over this drama is because of the two characters/guys I love so much! Hell, yeah! I'm absolutely not to mention completely torn between YI JEONG and JI HOO! waaah! They're so f@#$%^ hot! LOL

Kim Bum as So Yi Jeong

Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo

Monday, February 09, 2009

I Know...

This sucks! I have lots of things going around my mind right now that I don’t know what to think about first. Haha! It’s probably the reason why I'm really useless at this point. My client forgot to contact me after he sent me a message that he’ll be back after 10 minutes, when he’s ready of something for me to work on with. Thank goodness he has forgotten about it I get to spend more time doing my nothing again. It ‘s fine being idle once in a while, but when you do it most of the time (like I do) it would be like you’re somewhere out there in Mars when you should be on Earth in the first place. I would perhaps go nuts if this continues.

Wtf. You don’t have to say it. I know. I’m boring. Actually, I’m trying my best not to. I wonder if others perceive me this way like I do to myself. I hope not. Haha

Oh, yeah! I remember some of things that I’ve been thinking these past few weeks. Some of which really bothers me, actually (shhh)

First, I do think I suck in English Grammar. It does make a little conscious. Really. Now that you know, I beg for your kind consideration. That's why I finally decided to read the Sidney Shildon’s rage of Angels which I bought last year. Oh, yes. That was last year! Shameful isn’t it? Hopefully, it would help improve my English skills- lets pray to that!

Second, I’m obsessed with the newest and probably the hottest drama online right now- the Korean version of Boys over Flowers or Kkotboda Namja! Fuck! It’s really nostalgic. It’s like I was 17 again. Yes, seventeen. I was seventeen when the hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden was aired in the Philippines. And just like before, I fell in love with Ji Hoo and Yi Jeong which was known to be Hua Ze Lei and Xi Men in Meteor Garden. The only difference now is I can’t choose between Ji Hoo and Yi Jeong unlike in Meteor Garden that I undoubtedly chose Xi Men over Hua Ze Lei in the end.

Third, I’m a huge fan of Yi Jeong and Ga Eul! In fact, I’m a fan in distress! The mangaka of the original Hana Yori Dango was so mean for not making these two characters end up together. It sucks because after watching MG and HYD, I have always known that they won’t have their own happily-ever-after thing. And the crazy thing is, I’m always hoping for it. Fuck. This would probably top my own list of Guilty Pleasures- and its way up there. Perhaps I would never get to see the kind of ending I (and other fans) want in a drama. Well, not unless I become a producer or something then I would definitely consider making my drama and my own ending for my own happiness. But for now, I’ll just satisfy myself with only reading fanfics. Jeez, I’m so obsessed! It’s fuckin’ crazy. I hope I can get over of this obsession soon.

I had this feeling that I fell more in love with Yi Jeong and Ga Eul characters when I saw the part where he played the sax for her. I really thought the sound of sax which made me fall for their characters even more. That's why I can't help but download it online- I mean the whole soundtrack! haha

Let me also share it with you. You can download it below. @_@

I Know (Sax)- Lee Jung Sik