Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bamboo- the coverboy

I've been waiting for the PULP Magazine for the month of January! This is my first Pulp and I bought this because of a single reason. That Bamboo is on the cover and the band was being featured on it! As what the magazine said, Bamboo was indeed the hottest band in the country last year and is now on their way to conquer Asia with their repackaged album, Light. Peace. Love.

I was lucky enough to arrive on time because there were only three copies left on the shelf. Well, I know I was lucky because even though Kessen had the chance to ask for reservations for the magazine, she wasn't phoned by the store which simply means they forgot that she asked for it! Thank God! there were three left or else they'll be sorry!

Though there were not much of write-ups about the band, you will simply swoon by the fact that there were great photos that went along with it! The quartet's photos on the magazine makes every believer go wild! My friends and I were even too careful not to ruin it!

For more photos of Bamboo on PULP, click here.

Dinagyang 2007

Whew! Dinagyang 2007 is over! I'm definitely disappointed that aside from the fact that I my favorite tribe didn't join the Ati-ati contest, Bamboo wasn't here during the Dinagyang! Just like everybody else, I am used to the idea that the band would perform every Dinagyang but sad to say, not this year! Quite busy with their Asian tour, I guess...

Just hoping they could come and perform here in Iloilo just like the old times.. Dinagyang isn't complete without them here! Its somehow like BAMBOO completes my DINAGYANG!

Friday, January 26, 2007

BAMBOO during Dinagyang 2006


Today's the 26th of January and two days from now it's Dinagyang. I don't really feel good counting down the days. Aside from the fact that the tribe representing my Alma Mater isn't joining, the exact date of the
festival celebration represents one heck of good memories!

Saturday, 28th January 2006

Around 7:00 PM. Stayed at SM City and though we're not interested, we watched celebs at the carpark, bought a pair of earrings, and eat! We're just killing the time (kumbaga).

Around 8:30 PM. Maribeth and I left SM City to Sarabia!
And though its still early, the venue was half full (i guess)... We saw some schoolmates of ours in front and because we're older, we went in front with their help! At Sarabia, We saw Ric, Gamz, Cianle and some of his classmates.

Around 9 PM. Some of local bands performed as Front Acts! Aside from Kwatro Kantos, I can't remember the others...

11:30 PM. Everyone was really irritated! They've been shouting Globe instead of Smart and the emcee was likewise irritated! ahahahah... Moments later, Maribeth thought it was Bamboo she saw backstage! Sad to say It wasn't Bamboo, it was Nathan! mmm.. It wasn't that bad I guess. Nathan is still Nathan- THE bassist!

Whew! the long wait was over. Vic went to the stage to try his drums and that was it! Evervbody went hysterical! Shit! Shit! Shit! I just can't explain the feeling- God! it was overwhelming!

And that was it! I was taken to some place when the Band started their first song! The only thing I hate at that time was to see my neighbor flirting with Bamboo! She even didn't gave way for Bamboo to come near us! FLIRT!!! I hate her! If only I co
uld tell her husband! Geez! she just gave birth!!! Kapal!!!

Don't worry guys... I know. I know and I admit I'm JEALOUS! If you were on my shoes you'll understand why... on the other hand, I can't take it against her. If I were in here shoes I would also be flirting on my own way! LOL... But definitely I would give for Bamboo to come ne
ar his fans unlike her! duh!

Bamboo sang 10 of his songs. Some of which were ULAN, HALLELUJAH, ALPHA BETA OMEGA, NOYPI,MR.CLAY, F.U., and more! Here's some of the raw photos of Bamboo's performance:

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Spill-Over Benefits

A month ago, my friend MARIBETH bought a new phone,her dream phone according to her- the SONY Ericsson K800i. Well, I should say I almost wanted to my one for myself but right now I don't think it would be practical. Anyway, I'm glad Beth's my friend I have my own share of the so-called spilled over benefits with her new phone.

Probably one of the best features of this SE k800i is the Warp! It's really funny and though you don't look good using the feature, it makes you really cool if you have the guts using it as you YM avatar for the whole office to see!

Here's some of the best shots I have with it:

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Breathing In Makes Me Wanna Die

Whew! its been four days since my seatmate Rayland transferred to our new office. Well, I guess it was a bad idea that he got a new client. He had to to be transferred and its kinda weird that he's not here. I've been experiencing not-so-good situations recently and please if you're thinking I'm over reacting, think again... I feel like I'll be having my asthma every time I try to inhale! Ooops... Don't get me wrong. The asthma issue has nothing to do with Rayland being transferred. It's something else, something worst!

Actually, I thought its something that I should keep within this myself but today, I've realized that its not only I who noticed it! God! I just wish this UNPLEASANT situation will end as soon as possible! Seriously, I'm really disturbed and I don't know what to do to settle this issue! If only I could avoid breathing! :-((

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My first entry on POLITICS

Watching the news made me think of the song Tatsulok, which I also posted here. It's quite applicable I should say: Habang may tatsulok at sila ang nasa tuktok, di matatapos itong gulo... Its really disappointing that every we would always choose the wrong candidates every election causing us undesirable political and societal conditions. I don't know if those people who voted for these ignorant and stupid politicians (who call themselves public servants) have already learned their lessons.

We would also scream for justice on streets if we don't like those who sit in th government. But would it change a thing? Rallies for me is an overused term (whether its a noun or a verb). It will not give the kind of impact we want just like what it did about 20 years ago. We should al least try to look for something new- something that will be more appropriate in our situation right now. A way that will make use of all the resources we have. But the most important thing is for us to start within ourselves. That simply means, get the money and vote for the person you believe in.

Do I make sense? I wish! I need to finish this before seven. Don't worry if I don't make sense now, I know I will be next time! LOL

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Baskog ang MAYA

Its been awhile since I tried to listened to this song. I can still remember when it first came out, it was the theme song of the ABS-CBN's tv series SPIRITS. Just like the others, I immediately fell in love with the song and during that time, I would sing it almost everyday. Well, what can I say? I just love to sing (of course)period.

Today, I went through this video again and unlike before, the chills were far more different. I love this specific video not just because of the song itself but the feeling of pride it has caused me or perhaps every other Filipino. Rivermaya, being the first Filipino artist to perform in this event (MTV Asia Video Music Awards 2006) and was applauded by famous people in the industry, it will definitely make you proud!

This year I have a feeling that my favorite BAMBOO will also be standing on stage performing for Asia!
As a Filipino, I can't wait for that time to come when Asia will be captivated and shocked of how superb our artists are!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shen Qing Mi Ma's Familiar Gentleness

Well, bad news... I just finished uploading 50 conferences for tonight and I hate it! jeez! I don't have time to watch videos on youtube or even google... Joke! Well, actually I still can...

Anyway, I missed watching SILENCE (Shen Qing Mi Ma or 深情密碼)
which starred Vic Zhou and Park Eun Hye (I guess thats her name). It has a good story and Vic's acting has already improved since I last saw him in Meteor Garden. Well, that's something right? and I'm so into it all over again but sad to say I have lots and lots of work to do every night... aaaargh! Life's not fair indeed! I'm glad there's someone from youtube who uploaded these videos. Her name is Lainemma and if you want to check her blog, I got her in my blogroll (Lucky Star)... Thanks Lainemma!

I have also watched the music video of one of the tracks of drama and I would say it's was really nice ( thanks to the subtitles!) I decided to copy it for everyone to read... The song's title is Familiar Gentleness by ZaiZai.


im walking alone my heart is full of emptiness
i've used too many excuses to hide my loneliness
But i still cant regain my freedom
love has passed by me before

fondness remains in my memory
i am in a habit of searching for you
i am contented to be just with you
it turns out that we've always remain in the most beautiful moment

your most familiar gentleness has never left me
what i see with my eyes are all your smiles
I finally realize you must be my destiny
this time i'll never let you go

love has passed by me before
fondness remains in my memory
i am in a habit of searching for you
i am contented to be just with you
it turns out that we've always remain in the most beautiful moment

my feeling for has never changed
time has stopped for you and me

your most familiar gentleness has never left me
deep in your heart you still possess me
and you are still waiting for me
no words can ever express our promise
i will not let you go i will with all my heart in loving you

Monday, January 08, 2007

What Does My Birthday Means

My Birthdate: June 27

For you, love is a feeling that lingers for really long time - even after a relationship is totally over.
In fact, you still make have strong feelings for the first person you fell in love with.
You usually are reluctant to end relationships. And sometimes you're the last to know that things are ending!

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 5

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 5

You are most compatible with people born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th of the month.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


My favorite band's first single for their 3rd album has been out. The song's title is TATSULOK, which has a socio-political touch in it just like Alpha Beta Omega of the band's 2nd album. I don't have more to say about the song. Just go through its lyrics and let it tell you the things you need to know... wenks


Totoy, bilisan mo, bilisan mo ang takbo..
ilagang mga bombang nakatutok sa ulo mo
totoy tumalon ka, dumapa kung kailangan
at baka tamaan pa, mga balang ligaw...
totoy makinig ka, wag kang mag-pagabi
baka pag kamalan ka't humandusay dyan sa tabi…
totoy alam mo ba, kung ano ang punot dulo
ng di matapos-tapos na kaguluhang ito…

Hindi pulat dilaw, tunay na magkalaban..
ang kulay at tatak ay di syang dahilan
hanga't marami ang lugmok sa kahirapan
at ang hustisya ay para lang sa mayaman...

habang may taksulok, at sila ang nasa tuktok
di matatapos itong gulo..

iligtas ang hininga ng kay raming mga tao
at ang dating munting bukid ngayoy sementeryo
totoy kumilos ka, baligtarin ang tasulok
tulad ng dukha na ilagay mo sa tuktok

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kyut ito

Just wanna share this cute video my friend has found on Youtube... You don't have to feel hot guys but you can use your creative juices to appreciate it more... wheheheh