Friday, January 26, 2007

BAMBOO during Dinagyang 2006


Today's the 26th of January and two days from now it's Dinagyang. I don't really feel good counting down the days. Aside from the fact that the tribe representing my Alma Mater isn't joining, the exact date of the
festival celebration represents one heck of good memories!

Saturday, 28th January 2006

Around 7:00 PM. Stayed at SM City and though we're not interested, we watched celebs at the carpark, bought a pair of earrings, and eat! We're just killing the time (kumbaga).

Around 8:30 PM. Maribeth and I left SM City to Sarabia!
And though its still early, the venue was half full (i guess)... We saw some schoolmates of ours in front and because we're older, we went in front with their help! At Sarabia, We saw Ric, Gamz, Cianle and some of his classmates.

Around 9 PM. Some of local bands performed as Front Acts! Aside from Kwatro Kantos, I can't remember the others...

11:30 PM. Everyone was really irritated! They've been shouting Globe instead of Smart and the emcee was likewise irritated! ahahahah... Moments later, Maribeth thought it was Bamboo she saw backstage! Sad to say It wasn't Bamboo, it was Nathan! mmm.. It wasn't that bad I guess. Nathan is still Nathan- THE bassist!

Whew! the long wait was over. Vic went to the stage to try his drums and that was it! Evervbody went hysterical! Shit! Shit! Shit! I just can't explain the feeling- God! it was overwhelming!

And that was it! I was taken to some place when the Band started their first song! The only thing I hate at that time was to see my neighbor flirting with Bamboo! She even didn't gave way for Bamboo to come near us! FLIRT!!! I hate her! If only I co
uld tell her husband! Geez! she just gave birth!!! Kapal!!!

Don't worry guys... I know. I know and I admit I'm JEALOUS! If you were on my shoes you'll understand why... on the other hand, I can't take it against her. If I were in here shoes I would also be flirting on my own way! LOL... But definitely I would give for Bamboo to come ne
ar his fans unlike her! duh!

Bamboo sang 10 of his songs. Some of which were ULAN, HALLELUJAH, ALPHA BETA OMEGA, NOYPI,MR.CLAY, F.U., and more! Here's some of the raw photos of Bamboo's performance:

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