Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bamboo- the coverboy

I've been waiting for the PULP Magazine for the month of January! This is my first Pulp and I bought this because of a single reason. That Bamboo is on the cover and the band was being featured on it! As what the magazine said, Bamboo was indeed the hottest band in the country last year and is now on their way to conquer Asia with their repackaged album, Light. Peace. Love.

I was lucky enough to arrive on time because there were only three copies left on the shelf. Well, I know I was lucky because even though Kessen had the chance to ask for reservations for the magazine, she wasn't phoned by the store which simply means they forgot that she asked for it! Thank God! there were three left or else they'll be sorry!

Though there were not much of write-ups about the band, you will simply swoon by the fact that there were great photos that went along with it! The quartet's photos on the magazine makes every believer go wild! My friends and I were even too careful not to ruin it!

For more photos of Bamboo on PULP, click here.

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