Saturday, January 20, 2007

Breathing In Makes Me Wanna Die

Whew! its been four days since my seatmate Rayland transferred to our new office. Well, I guess it was a bad idea that he got a new client. He had to to be transferred and its kinda weird that he's not here. I've been experiencing not-so-good situations recently and please if you're thinking I'm over reacting, think again... I feel like I'll be having my asthma every time I try to inhale! Ooops... Don't get me wrong. The asthma issue has nothing to do with Rayland being transferred. It's something else, something worst!

Actually, I thought its something that I should keep within this myself but today, I've realized that its not only I who noticed it! God! I just wish this UNPLEASANT situation will end as soon as possible! Seriously, I'm really disturbed and I don't know what to do to settle this issue! If only I could avoid breathing! :-((

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