Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vic Mercado- THE Drummer

Its has been for two nights now that I haven't write anything here. Got nothing to sensible to write perhaps, that's why. I still got nothing interesting to write aside from if I will write about Bamboo. But if I would, I'm afraid it would make my blog boring.. Actually, I don't know! Let's see... I been writing about Bamboo's album and song for as quite sometime now... Hopefully, it wouldn't hurt if I write about their hot drummer Vic Mercado,right?

I got no profile of him t
o present you with. I had difficulty searching information about Vic Mercado. for an avid fan- a true believer, this fact is quite disappointing, right? tsk. tsk. tsk.

Playing the drums has always been his language. Vic Mercado learned to play the drums when he was only 12 years old in his hometown Iloilo. Since they did not have a drum set, he was taught without actual drums but merely by singing and tapping the notes on his lap and stomping his feet on the floor. His first gig, only 14 years old and usually after school, was at jazz lounge, filling in for his teacher. That was followed by playing for show bands for a couple of years and at 17, he left the country with his band to play around Asia.

He came back home when he was 21 and decided to settle in Manila where he played at local bars around the metro. He then studied under Mar Dizon, also a Zildjian local artist, then eventually got to play for the band Passage, taking the place of Michael Alba, another Zildjian local artist. After Passage he decided to play in the rock scene with several different local bands.

Now he's with one of the country's top rock bands, Bamboo. In February 2004, they released their first album, As the Music Plays, under the EMI-PolyEast label and the said album is now double platinum. (And the rest, as they say, is history.)

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  1. SIR VIC!!! idol kta promise!!! hope I can have a signature of yours in my drumsticks and shirt! LONG LIVE BAMBOO AND YOU!!! YOU GUYS ARE AN ICON!!!