Friday, February 16, 2007

Englishman in New York Ep.II

Before leaving after tonight's shift, I decided to check my other Yahoo IM. The one I saved here in my blogger account. Surprisingly, I got a number of off line messages from my colleagues at work. But one strikes me the most was from someone who was asking for another link for my previous blog entry about Bamboo's version of Englishman in New York. This someone's IM address was mucho31s ( i guess). Funny, but this someone addressed me as Sir instead of Ma'am... ahahahha...

It;s no big deal actually. I just wanna thank this someone (I don't wanna address him as mucho31s because it may not be the right IM address) coz he was able to inform me that there's something wrong with the link in entry.. :)

Hopefully, he could stumble upon my blog again to find this new link of my multiply account that I'll be giving. Here it is:

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