Friday, February 23, 2007

Bamboo's New Website

The 23rd of February is the album launch of the hottest rock band of the country- Bamboo. The songs of the band's 3rd album entitled We Stand Alone Together are all revivals like:
To further promote this Bamboo's Official Website was given a new look! It's more simple and has less clutter. It is also easy to navigate which is very favorable to its users. Simply put, I like it! A lot... I didn't say that I the previous one wasn't really great. Actually, it was! Both were great! What I don't like with the previous site was the clutter. If you're the user and you stumble upon the homepage, you can't really decide where to look first! Well, Unless you want to listen to Bamboo's featured song, then you can directly look at the right side! That will only happen if you've been navigating the site a lot of times already that you're very familiar with it.

Anyways, here's a peek of Bamboo Official Site! I hope you'll love it just like me!

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