Sunday, February 11, 2007


I guess it's the third time Slapshock visited Iloilo. I wasn't able to come but Kessen did! Well, I think she should! She was my influencer. Probably if not for her, I wouldn't have time listening to Slapshock's music! My friend was lucky enough to take pictures of the band during their performance at Robinson's Place Iloilo. I was likewise lucky that I got copies of her pictures with the band! If not for her, I wouldn't have anything to put in my blog right now!

Seeing Jamir's pictures made me feel a bit disappointed that I didn't come! He's kinda cute you know! I could have at least saw him in person... Let's not forget Chi coz he's also cute, but Jamir for me is more attractive! My other friend (who doesn't want me to mention his name, so lets just call him Edward) even said that in one of the pictures, Jamir looks "less addict". What the heck! whatever it may be- addict or less addict, he still looks attractive!

You might be wondering why I wasn't reaaly talking about Slapshock's music. Honestly, I just started listening to them about a year ago when I had the chance to get hold of the copy of their latest album SILENCE. I have also seen then in some music channels over cable television which made me more aware of their existence in the rap-rock scene. Around five to six years ago I got hold of a copy of write-up about the band from an official publication of a sorority in my school (lucky for those sorority members!). It was an interview about how they met and how the band was formed. I actually have forgotten the details but it was pretty interesting. :-)

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