Friday, February 16, 2007

Francis "CHIZ" Escudero for SENATOR

For the past years this 37-year old politician from Sorsogon had been famous all over the country through trimedia. Francis Joseph Guevarra Escudero or Chiz was notorious of his opinions against the present administration. With this, many hated him but more people loved him. At 37 he's quite eminent to the Filipino youth. Well, I think he became more recognized by the young generation generation because most people say, he looks like Bamboo! And I agree to that! He somehow looks like Bamboo...

After seeing his campaign ad last night, I decided to browse Chiz' website. I heard from one of his interviews that as a candidate having inadequate budget, Chiz wanted to make use of every resource available. For me, its a good marketing/ campaign strategy knowing that he wanted to focus on young ones and the net is somehow an effective medium to reach his "target market". Though I believe there's no assurance, the internet can offer wide opportunities for someone like Chiz! What d'ya think? ;-)

I have also checked Chiz' Friendster account the other night. A friend, who is also a supporter mentioned that the account was only created this January 2007 and she believe it was made just for his campaign. Well, can you take it against him? I likewise believe it has something to do with his campaign. But who cares? It's another way of promoting yourself to the voters. Its just that other candidates weren't able to make use of it and opted to use the common strategy.

Know what? I just wish Francis Escudero will be lucky to win this year's election. I will definitely vote for him. It's not just because he's cute like Kobe Vidanes of Goin' Bulilit or as good looking as Bamboo Mañalac but because I was convinced by this welcome statement:

Be it strong views or opposing opinions…
Be it brilliant or outlandish schemes…

Be it truth seekers or just the plain curious
All these and more are welcome in my online office.

More than just a venue for finding out more about my public and personal life or the latest news on the campaign trail, consider this as a free zone for exchanges of ideas and insights. I appreciate hearing anything and everything from you.

Huwag kayong pumayag na manood, pumalakpak, ngumiti at kumaway sa isang gilid lamang. Sana’y makilahok kayo sa paghubog ng ating kasaysayan.


See?! how can I be so stupid to be convinced by these statements I found in his site?! But kidding aside, I see him to be someone who can speak for the young generations. Besides the Senate needs someone younger with fresh ideas and opinions for the country. Pardon me, but a position in the Senate is quite vital and for me it doesn't need actors and actresses having no political background. It needs Francis Escudero!

P.S. This is a personal opinion and I wasn't paid for this... heheheh... But please let's all Say CHIZ!!! ;-)

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