Thursday, March 01, 2007

Issues on Probinsyana by Bamboo

Every night, before signing in, its my habit to see whether I receive new emails because it simply means that someone gave a comment here in my blog. Last night, while putting on my PC I noticed that I received an email and that made me so excited! I opened the mail to know what was the comment. But sad to say, the comment was a bit negative and it irritates me! Actually, I have doubts whether to post it or trash it. In the end, I'm proud to say that I decided to post it.

Days ago, I had an entry about the Bamboo's upcoming album and some of their songs including Probinsyana and Tatsulok. But last night it pissed me that someone (sad to say he didn't give his name) commented:
Anonymous said...
My God! This is shameful! Does he knows that the song "Probinsyana" belongs to a legendary rock and roll artist? Mahiya naman kayo! Give respect to the real person who made this song which is Mr. Edmund Fortuno.

What's with the song Probinsyana? How could this person imply that Bamboo, the vocalist and/or the band claims that Probinsyana is their original composition? Duh! Moreover, I never forget to reiterate in my blog that Probinsyana was a revival of Bamboo.

The only question on my mind right now is that, what's the fuss? As a fan of Bamboo, a true-blooded believer, I never heard the band claiming that Probinsyana was theirs. If this person watched SOP last Sunday, 25 February 2007, he would have heard Bamboo especially Ira Cruz thanking some people. If this someone had the chance to purchase bamboo's third album, We Stand Alone Together, he could have at least seen the acknowledgments.

Perhaps the only thing this person wanted is to make Mr. Edmund Fortuno more famous... :)) I just wish this person will realize that never did Bamboo claim the song Probinsyana and that they gave due credits to those people or bands (for that matter) who wrote and performed te songs featured in the album We Stand Alone Together.

Anyway, I really wanted to thank the Edmund Fortuno for the song Probinsyana because after hearing it from Bamboo, it makes me be proud that I'm from the province! Hopefully, he's proud that young people can hear his song through Bamboo.


  1. Actually, this is really funny. Alex cruz, Ira's dad, is one of the founding members of the Juan de la Cruz Band, together with Fortuno. Alex was also part of the legendary rock band, Anak Bayan. He IS the godfather of Pinoy rock and roll. So, in a way, this is Ira's tribute to his dad (actually, the shole band;s tribute to the ones that came before them).

  2. @Anonymous

    Hi, thanks for the info. heheh.. Its just weird that there were people commenting in my previous entry saying that the band never really asked permission to the family of Mr. Fortuno that they'll be using the song and that he wasn't given due credits for his works...