Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Srambled B R A I N for Sale!

whew! I miss my blog! An tagal ko nang hindi nakapost dito. Wala kasing news sa pinakamamahal kong banda, ang Bamboo! (sigh. How sad...) Anyway, ano ba ang lastest news ngayon sa blog ko? Well, sa tagal ng panahong nagpost ako about Bamboo's version of Probinsyana, yesterday I got another comment about the legality issue ata yun... Maraming negative comments ata regarding this song. According to some people the band never asked permission to the original composer for the use of Probinsyana though I've watched the band thanking Anak Bayan for the song. Well, probably these some people thought that they should pay respect to the composer by perhaps asking permission to 'em personally. Aaay! ewan... As a fan nakakainis na kung minsan... If they think that the legalities of the song were not met by the band, then maybe they can take legal actions to solve this problem.

Anyway, I'll temporarily avoid talking about Bamboo in this post since they' re thousand miles away from me right now... heheheh

I've been video streaming on youtube awhile ago and I stumble upon Rivermaya's new video- Bali Song which I've been looking for weeks now. I believe this music was for Asian release knowing that the video itself is really good. I remember watching it first on mtv and it made me really proud knowing that other people besides us Filipinos are likewise watching it.

Really, it's a good feeling that we Filipinos are starting to conquer the world through music! Years ago, we only watch Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese artists on MTv. Now, its different and I know Filipino artist will go a long way coz I know for a fact we are far much better that artists from other countries (bias! ahahah)...

HATS off to all FILIPINOS!!!

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