Saturday, June 27, 2009

Greet me, it's my birthday!

yay! it's my 24th birthday today... and i'm getting old! i'm 24 and poor... jeez, how sad.

i'm twenty-four and haven't done much. i hope this year i get to do and experience something interesting- probably bungee jumping.

im twenty-four and i wonder when will i get rich- so filthy rich that i can fulfill my all-time wish to go backpacking and travel around the world? seriously, i don't know if it will ever come true but i'm praying- i'm praying really, really hard. LOL

i'm twenty-four and i wish (aside from becoming rich) for me and my loved ones good health, happiness, and long (longer) lives. this is year isn't really a happy year for me and my family. my uncle just passed away two months ago and my grandfather is in the hospital right now. so, it's sort of a little wierd for me since things aren't the same and our family isn't complete. :-(

okay. enough of the sob story. what the heck! it's my birthday! yehey! i'm sooo excited to go home! so, bye for now... i have to prepare my report! :P


Greet me, it's my birthday! LOL

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