Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pier 16 esCapade

iT was a worknight for the three of us-me and my two other friends Grace and MAribeth. but it doesn'T matteR! we've beeN planninG for thiS sinCe the fiRst tiME Beth heard the ad over the radio... we even bought the tickets a week before scared that we there will be nothing left for us...

The night came and the we can't explain the excitement! yep! too exited that we almost forgot our tickets! on ouR way, we were too blessed to meet one of crushes! well, its good to know that he has matured. I can't really tell if up to what extent, but he did! we've been arguing when we left him whose fault that we forgot to take a picture of him with us! (nax! so celebrity-like huh?!) nevertheless, its okay, we can always ask approach him and do whatever we please, i guess.. hahaha! besides, the film on the camera was not really intended for him!

the gig started at and it was hot! everything's hot! the place, the people, and of couurse the band!!! He sang songs from both their first and second albums plus the all-time favorites like Elesi, ulan, and hinahanap-hanap kita plus his own version of waiting in vain which was included in their repackaged edition of As the Music Plays album.

wE left the place around 1A.M., a bit disappointed that we did not get the chance to ask for their autographs or something... i just hope we could get the chance next time they are back... i just hope!

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