Friday, September 29, 2006

Dinner at 6

Its been almost a week when I bought Bamboo's "Light, Peace, Love" CD. Wait, for those who know me personally, you might be wondering why I just bought my cd last Sunday knowing that I love the band ever since it was created... It's because we've been waiting for the album's special edition issue just like what happened in the band's first album "As the Music Plays". But, sadly there's none- no special edition issue... Disappointing! Anyway, since they don't have plans of haveing a special edition essue. I decided to buy a copy for myself...

The songs were really cool! Bamboo's vox is really exquisite! I love all the songs of course! But what really caught my attention (and my not so tallented sense of hearing) was the fourth track:DINNER at6... I love the beat! and the lyrics of course! I think most of the lyrics in the album are narrative which is kinda cute for me... I don't know!!! can't really explain my opinion right now... heheheheheh... Anyway you can always check it out... But first let me just give you the lyrics of Dinner at 6.. Hope you'll enjoy! winks

Dinner at 6

Dinner at 6 I can no longer wait for your call
I’ve been waiting for days
It’s hard for me to think you’ve forgotten my number
When we had such a nice chat the other day
Hope nothing serious has happened it’s been a good weekend
Called my mother 3 times
My streaks finally broken
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen such a lovely face
Will nothing spoil my day… let nothing spoil my day
I’m afraid to look
Only to find You could be just like the rest
Give me a sign You think you’ve figured me out
I’m a mess still you want to stay
Like fine wine this keeps getting better with time so what’s the delay
Well I know this all looks bad but underneath it all
But your timing couldn’t be any better this is my curtain call
Well I know you know my name that little look you gave, gave it you away
So behave I’ll be nice mother I don’t need to be told twice

6 in the morning I’m still here… I’m still here
What you read in the paper I tell you their lies
Stop looking at me with those vanishing eyes
The gods have spoken and I’m forced to fib it was the night of nights
I went out for a little drink
Met up with an old friend said hello
Goodbye… I gotta go Home Only to find nobody
You afraid to take a hard look let me sell you my story
It’s tragic You think you’ve figured me out I’m a mess you still don’t want to stay
Save my tears for later I got something cooking
Let’s not delay… Better behave
Take a better look at myself
Better behave take a better look at myself
This is a shame
Have I fallen from grace…

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