Friday, May 04, 2007

Straight and LIVE!

It's been months since I first heard Bamboo's version of the famous song Killing in the Name of, originally by the group Rage Against the Machine. After that, I've been looking for a copy of it in an mp3 format. But sad to say, I wasn't lucky enough to find one.. cry Worst, the pressure of having a copy of it rose magnanimously after hearing Bamboo singing it live during the Smart's Hot Summer Samahan in Bora! Fuck!!!evil I still can remember how the song (and the band) made me feel a little "tingly" all over twisted when they had it as the opening song (perhaps to make the crowd get into the so-called rock mood!)..

What's disappointing at that moment was when the Bamboo's mike wasn't working!mad Jeez! there were lots of performers before him but that problem only occurred when he was already on stage! uggh! rolleyes I can still remember him saying/adlibbing, "Where's the mike when I need one?" while he was Nevertheless, it was still memorable. I can still recall Bamboo's every move without the mike! He rocks! They rock! Always have been! wink \m/

Just like what Bamboo usually says, the revolution will not be televised, it will come to you straight-LIVE! Indeed he was right. Its far more different when you're part of the event rather than just listening to or watching it... and I agree coz I've been part of this kind of event for a couple of times now.. biggrin

Whew! I just can't get over it! The fact that we're in the front row and we can see almost all of his/their moves! I was always amazed of how good they are in their own crafts! And God! they're all gorgeous! wink

Anyways, enough of that escapade we had in Bora. At last I had a copy of my-most-talked-about song- Killing in the Name of. Thanks to my online friend on multiply, jb. I have all the time in the world to listen to the song whenever I want!

If by any chance you want to have a copy of this, just click here.

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