Tuesday, May 29, 2007

beauty, brains and body

Sorry fans, I wasn't able to put something here for more than a week now...razz I was very busy watching Korean Dramas, Which Star are from? and Lovers! Damn! those series were good. twisted
It's nice to know that I found it on the internet coz if not, I wouldn't get the chance to watch it on television... like so that the drama, Which Star are you from has already premiered last night on ABS-CBN primetime... I'm also glad my internet connection was faster that the usual coz i get to watch it without having loading problems every night. AMEN!

Actually, I got nothing else to write here right now... There's nothing really interesting about my life this past few days... mrgreen By the way, today's the big day for Miss Universe contestants but I'm not sure if i get to watch it live coz I'll be sleeping by the time I arrive home. wink I just wish our representative, Anna Theresa Licaros will win the crown this year even though she looks like Phoemela Baranda (for me) and she got smaller boobs than Miss Brazil! lol Just Kidding! Honestly, I believe she got what it takes to win- beauty, brains and body rolled into one!

So, let us all pray for her to win the crown! Mabuhay ang Pinay!

*Photos are from the Miss Universe 2007 Website

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