Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Satisfied with the Pain

I'm back, fresh from my 2-day vacation in Boracay with fresh scratches and wounds,and an aching body! cry I never really imagined that things happen just the way it did and I feel good about it. wink Though I was frustrated with some, t'was a lot of fun! Uhuh... cool Coz if this vacation is a boxing match, Saturday was the undercard and Sunday's the main event! mrgreen

T'was a satisfying Saturday night when we decided to watch Spongecola! I got the chance to shake Yael's soft hands a couple of times. razz He's cute!

Sunday was the best! We saw Ira and Nathan at d*mall. They're gorgeous! lollol We saw Bamboo later in the afternoon but never get the chance to approach them. Sayang!cry

We also had the chance to experience the famous banana boat ride which left our bodies aching up until now.sad

But it's all worth it! Can't wait to be back and try parasailing! wink

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