Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Okay, so Miss Philippines didn't win Miss Universe. So what?!twisted She won Miss Photogenic Actually, I already felt that she will not be part of the top 15 since the start of the main event... and I thought it was a boring day yesterday. but I was wrong! Something exciting happened while I was sleeping at around noon. According to my brother, our neighbors' (siblings) wives started fighting (verbally). The story was quite funny I felt like laughing out loud after hearing it...

It was just an ordinary morning while my brother was watching NBA (Western Conference Finals) when he heard two women yelling. He can't really identify the reason why they became so noisy. surprised He was even surprised! Here's excerpts of the yelling conversation of our neighbors...

But first, lemme introduce the characters:

Nang Timay
- My mother

Nang Pató
-wife of the older sibling Nong Toto

Nang Inday
-wife of the younger sibling, Nene who, not so long ago went inside our house using the window without any permission that night (if you know what I mean
Myra- sister of Nong Toto and Nene
Bong-bong- Myra's husband

Nang Pató
: Hah! hulat lang ka kay isugid ta ka kay nang Timay karon!

Nang Inday
: Ay sus, sugid to ay! Sami mo lang magsip-sip da sa ila! Ga** ka!

Nang Pató
: Sin-o gapasip-sip aw?!

Nang Inday: Sin-o aw?! evil
Nang Pató
: kaga** sa imo! Hulata lang gani kay isugid ta ka kay Nang Timay nga gina-deretso niyo ihaw da ang mga pato nila!

Nang Inday
: Sin-o ga-ihaw haw? Kita mo kami di gaihaw haw?!
evil kayudip*** sa imo!
Nang Pató: Sus! indi man ko ya maghambal nga kamo kun wala ko nakita sang duha ko ka mata ah! evil Mangkuta bala si Myra kay kita kamo da! Ara si Bong-bong hu, mangkuta! May pato kamo nga inyo iya sang iban ihawon nyo?!twisted

and it goes on and on... Surprisingly, the conversation was changed into...

Nang Inday
: Lantawa kay ang baboy mo nga ginasagod bitokon!

Nang Pató: Ay sus. Maski magbitokon man na akon ya nga baboy kay baboy ko man na! Ikaw ya may ara? Hilabti lang da imo baboy kun may ara ka da! twisted

Surprisingly, the conversation again was changed into...

Nang Inday: Yut* mo da eh! kagag* si mo! Man daku pu**y mo! twisted
Nang Pató
: Hah! ako pa daku pu**y! Ikaw naton!

Nang Inday: Sa kaga** mo da eh! Pu**yan sa imu!evil
Nang Pató
: Ikaw naton daku pu**y! Sin-o sa aton kaduha mamana haw?! Gaga ka!

and it goes on and on... Where was I during this exciting event? Sleeping...Probably dreaming of Ira!
lol Just imagine what was their next topic after the issue of whose vagina is larger? (Nax, medical term para di gawa bastos! mrgreen)

The revelation regarding our beloved ducks weren't really surprising cause my mother had always count every single duck we had and most of the time she acts as if she's surprised that our ducks are decreasing in number and theirs were increasing! There was also an instance that our ducks come home having some marks on their body. My mom believed that our neighbors (Nene and their other younger sibling Nonoy) were the ones who did it! When my mom confronted them regarding this and Nonoy said that those marked ducks were theirs! My mom told them, " How come it'll be yours when they come home here (our house) every night?!" Jeez! even our ducks' eggs located at the lagoon were usually gone every afternoon when my mom would try to visit it after she comes home from office! tsk. tsk. tsk. So disgusting!

Whew! I really thought yesterday morning wasn't interesting because I got disappointed with the result of Miss Universe. I was wrong! Life indeed is full of surprises! lol

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  1. ahay, mu na gid man ya ang gakadakpan.. mangita man sang patas... lol...

    nugon nami tani recorded!!!!