Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bye, bye na Rico

I'm having a flu for the second time in one month and it sucks! It sucks because I can't sleep the way I used to and I had to buy another roll tissue paper because of it!evil But this entry won't be about my stupid flu. Who would even get interested with my runny nose anyway? Every one of us has his own experiences about this. Just like Edward- he used to have runny nose every month! heheheh... Just kidding...twisted

On the serious note, I decided to write this entry to share my feelings about the news that Rico Blanco, the Rivermaya frontman will be leaving the band. I first heard it on Myx news early tonight. It was really surprising coz I they're starting to be known internationally and then, all of a sudden he'll be leaving the band! Jeez... I really feel bad about it... cry They're one of my favorite bands and Rico, he's really a good songwriter. I do love his songs...

Yes, this is not a joke. The band's manager said this wasn't just a gimik forthe band to be talked about. So, it was true. Rico even confirmed it through his multiply site, A MILLION FLAMES that he's really leaving the group... The good news is, the band won't be totally gone and Rico asks the fans to keep supporting the group.

My friend Michelle will surely feel depressed after hearing all of this. As for me, man! This is sooo goddamn disappointing! I never really had the chance to watch them perform live. If I only knew he's leaving, I should have watched Rivermaya when they last came here last March.

Sigh. I just wanna wish him all the love luck in the world and best things in life when he leaves the limelight... (nax.. feeling close)

And to Rico, Psst... Thanks for rocking our lives! wink

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