Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boto Ko, Binayaran Mo! F. U.

Monday was the most awaited day for most politicians and though I'm not one of them, I, too feel excited! I can still remember the first time I had the chance to exercise my right to suffer suffrage... It was the presidential elections and it was my first time to receive an amount of money from a politician, a congressional candidate for that matter. Actually, it wasn't the first... I already received Php50 when I voted for the SK Officials in our barangay but I never really appreciated it at all. Who would?rolleyes So, the last 2004 elections I received Php150 to vote for a candidate who was running for congressman at that time. Well, I'm proud to say I didn't for him!twisted Cool isn't it? Though the person I voted lost against him (Whew! life's not fair!)

Anyway, this is one of the reasons why I was excited with the midterm elections held last Monday. I was expecting another Php150 from the re-electionist... My relative got Php150 and some had Php200 but sad to say, there was no Php150 for me!cry They must have known I didn't vote for their candidate last election!lol

Duh! as if I can be bought with only Php150! I wasn't born yesterday, Mr. Politician and family! I'm from UP and not from the school where you're father is from!twisted And in my own little way, I would start change and I hope other Ilonggos will be more aware that there are better options than what they have right now- YOU!evil I suggest you should do better than that! Voters in Iloilo City are not all dumb as what you might have expected or thought of! Jerks!

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