Friday, July 11, 2008

Can't get over Frank

Its has been almost three weeks after the mind-blowing flood which hit the Iloilo last June 21. But somehow it feels like it was just a week ago. Our house now looks more tidier and organized than the first two weeks right after the horrifying day. All our clothes have been washed but the thing is most of the white ones don't look like white anymore. The electricity was restored last Sunday as well as our television set and fridge. However, up until now, our electric fans still aren't working!

I should have written something about my pet dog Inggoi right after my first post about the flood. But I felt like I don't have anything to talk about. Inggoi, if you must know was the cutest dog I ever had. Yes, had. He was trapped in one of my grandparents' room downstairs and died. He was named after my crush Inggoi so somehow I consider him important. Actually, I was already expecting that something bad might have happened to him during the flood since I didn't see him together with our other pets.After the water subsided and I heard the news that Inggoi's dead, I didn't even bother to look at him. I never really thought he'd die that way. I didn't really feel something about it at that time. Perhaps its because I was already expecting it (though I'm not hoping for it) and somehow felt frustrated that my pet wasn't able to survive unlike the two others. And the thing right now is that I finally realized how I miss my Inggoi. It's all coming back to me now. Those times when he came up to me everytime he saw me, ran after me when I'm on my way to work, and the times when he wanted me to play with him. I must say he really is special.

The recent flood by typhoon Frank caused a lot of changes in our lives. Everything might look the same but something is different.It feels like we are starting anew. I still feel a little nostalgic just by looking around. I still miss the way our old house looks like and everything else in the place where I live. At this point, there's nothing beautiful when you look around. I can say that everything is still a mess especially the garbage brought by flood. It still looks like a sore in everyone's eyes! and the mud! still horrible especially when it rains! I still don't know until when are we going to suffer the aftermath of this calamity.

Wonder how it really affected our lives? Here are some pics I call before and after. This are just some of those locations in our place.

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