Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rock 100 with Urbandub

I should have written about this last Monday but I was lazy enough to do so. After a long time my friends and I got the chance to spend time together. We went to the annual concert organized by our school organization, UPV-Marketing Society, Inc. This year is quite memorable since the University is celebrating is Centennial year . So, in connection with this, the concert was entitled "Rock 100" which features Urbandub (I wished it was Bamboo- I missed them na!).

Urbandub, though they're not really new in the music biz, I'm not that familiar with their songs. I mean, I knew them but I am not an avid fan and can't sing most of their songs. Among the songs they played that night, I'm only familiar with three songs, Guillotine, Evidence, and First of Summer. At that time, I thought, "so this is how it feels to go to a rock concert and you don't know the lyrics of even a single song. Damn, I felt ashamed of myself... or not! lol So, what if I can't memorize the lyrics? At least I enjoyed the concert, right? Though somehow I felt bad I didn't see him there. ;)


Thanks to Andie for the free ticket!

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