Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rock Bamboo Rock!

This is my second blog entry about my amazing experience last Saturday!Last Saturday was Bamboo's gig in Iloilo. Exactly a year after their gig at Pier 16, Bamboo entertained every Ilonggo with one heck of a rock concert. And just the same, the excitement was overpowering that we couldn't get enough sleep in the morning. What happened last Saturday was extraordinary... After the long wait, we had the chance to have our picture taken with the band and all it takes was a little bit of guts! Pakapal ba! And it's all worth it!

It's been days and the concert was over but I still in
cloud nine! Can't get over the chance I got. I can't even forget what I said to Bamboo when he's about to leave, "Bambz, isa na lang..."! (Feeling close? Sorry, nag-stammer lang...) I can still hear Ira's voice when he said, "Nasaan yong camera mo?".:x

I know this is a bit corny and others might think this is quite shallow. Actually, my mother thought so too but not anymore. She's been used to it! I even le her see my photo with Ira and she was able to identify who he was! It was really surprising! She didn't even said no when I told her that I'll buy a camera phone 'coz Bamboo's coming...

I'm pretty sure Edward will tease me with the "kurimaw" thing because of the photos. So what? At least I'm not into Cueshe (
oops! Joke lang...) I know Edward has nothing against Bamboo. But if he does... So, Peace out!

Lastly, let us not forget Vic's advice: HALONG SA IDO...


  1. waaa! grabe!
    you really had a superb time there, i believe.

    i guess it would take more than a week before matapos suffering mo sa bamboo fever. hehe

    halong nemixx..

  2. Hi, quincy! thanks for the comment! heheheh.. you're right! it was really amazing!first time kong nakapa-pic sa kanila! sana maulit muli. :D

    halong man...

  3. ako kay sarah geromino palang pag pasalamat festival di sa la carlota, negros occidental, for 2 weeks star struck ko..ha3

    bad thing. my pics were corrupted! waaaa! sob!


  4. ahahaha! bad trip gd man kung amu na!!! ako laban2x dugay pa bago maka-get over..

  5. gani..-sigh-
    never mind anyway, at least i saw her in person and heard her sang live.
    she was really awesome..

    you're welcome mix..just love commenting if i have time.