Tuesday, September 18, 2007

PepSikat with Bamz

So, I'll be posting something about Bamboo today. It has been quite awhile since I haven't written anything about them except the time whe I got to meet them. I've heard last Sunday that as Pepsi endorsers, they'll be having a new promo video for the company's new contest called PepSikat Challenge. And the prize? Ten winners of this contest will get to watch Black Eyed Peas concert live in Bangkok!

I'm not really interested of joining, but I end up watching the promo video over and over again! Well, how can I not? Nathan, Vic, and Ira wee really cool in the commercial not to mention that it's interesting to see Bamboo being censored at the last part! I wonder what was the word he said there!ahahaha... Just kidding, I think I already know. Mmmm.. curious about what I mean? Here, watch this!

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