Saturday, September 08, 2007

Kun Hubog si Nanding

For the first time in days I finally have something to write about. It's not about Chiz Escudero's newly-born twins, Cecilia and Joaquin. This is something more interesting (well, for me it is!) and funny as well. It happened yesterday morning when I went home straight from the office. My lola and our neighbors were sitting beside the road together with Nang Meding (the main character in my story)...

Nang Meding as far as I know, is the mother of the wife of my paternal step-uncle. I don't really know her age but I know she's old. When I arrive home yesterday, I went straight towards those people sitting beside the road which, I usually do 'coz I would tease and play with my baby cousin first before entering the house.

So, there she is- Nang Meding with her red fluffy eyes which, I then realized that she cried. While playing with my cousin, I decided to listen to there conversation... Nang Meding was really into telling everyone about what happened between her and her son's wife named Boots. She said that Boots got mad 'coz she thought that Nang Meding has her own favorite grandchildren and that perhaps Boots' kids were one of them.

As she was telling her side of the story, I was quite amazed of the way she talks. So, I decided to record part of her monologue (secretly, of course!). Man, how I wish I have larger memory so I could record it a little longer! She looks quite funny to me and when she talks, its really entertaining. But, don't get me wrong I definitely got the substance of her monologue. I know where she's coming from... The fact that she was mistreated by Boots was a no-no. How could someone mistreat older people especially your husband's mother and yell at them, "Guwa ka di bala kay madumugay ta!" or "Daw gaga ka nga mal-am ka!", and the list goes on... Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Bad Boots (who looks like a cheetah!)! Just kidding! hihihi... (Actually, so-on ko si Boots and her husband)

Here's a part of the monologue Nang Meding had yesterday. I know its a bit short but still I can't stop smiling every time I watch it!


Nang Meding as Herself
Nang Tessie Naka-orange
Older Voice si Lola ko
Younger Voice si Nang Pato
Sikangkang my Dog

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