Friday, September 14, 2007


It has been almost seven days now since my last blog entry. Actually, I never really intend to write something here but I end up doing so!

BAKA!. I first encountered this word from an Anime called Gakuen Alice. Then, I got interested on the meaning of the word since it being used most of time in the series. According to, the word BAKA in english means fool (an,id), foolish, idiot, trivial matter. However, the english translation in the anime sometimes uses the word stupid for BAKA. So, whatdoes the sord stupid means in Japanese? From the same website, stupid means bakabakashii, noroi, honoka, futsutsuka, oroka.

So, Bakabakashii somehow is related with BAKA! The rootword, I mean. BAKA. Bakabakashii.Idiot. Stupid.

I, somehow feel like one tonight. I feel quite stupid but not idiotic. Mmmm... Does it make sense? lol. But seriously, I really do. I end up not being able to stand up with the words I have said before. And its really stupid! BAKA! definitely! I feel a bit disappointed with myself right now and I just hope I can stand up for what I have just decided... And I wish those people involved won't be too disappointed! I know they will be but hopefully not that much!


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