Saturday, September 01, 2007


After strolling at SM City, Beth and I finally decided to watch the HASA XXV at the UPV Auditorium. We know were so late, but who cares? The contest was just secondary to the main reason why I'll go and watch HASA (and endure the hot environment inside the audi) - it's something else... :x I beleieve it has something to do in the past knowing that I really enjoy my last year in the university because of the sportsfest plus the HASA! B-)

It's good to see the same good looking and gorgeous faces for a little more than an hour as well as just being in that situation- watching every contestants trying their best to get the right punchlines for the audience to laugh! Man, I can't even stop my self from cheering just like before. The only difference now is that I don't get to cheer for Magnates alone but for every contestant who really made me laugh! =))

Here's the 2007 HASA Winner from the Skimmers in her interview:

P.S. I really enjoyed watching the Skimmer's representative... The guy was really funny! By the way, I discovered a new motto after watching HASA XXV last night. *-:) Two years ago, there was an expression made famous by the representative of SoTech during HASA: Some might remember the famous STD which simply means "steady" (e.g.: STD lang, STD lang = steady lang, steady lang), gets? ;) This year, I love the new "greeting" (which I think from the Clovers), "Hi, to all tipsy subscribers!"

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  1. hahaha and the primary reason was obviously the guy in the lower picture? he looks familiar. i think he emceed the previous hasa prods. u sure is a fan dude. i like the tipsy line too hahahaha gooo hasa!!!