Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vincent Onchengco is an ARSE!

I visited my imeem account early this evening and I've realized that I received a message from someone. It was sent last Saturday, 25th of August 2007. The subject was "sex are you sure?". When I opened it, it says:

You might wondering why this Vincent Onchengco sent this to me. Actually, it was because of my Imeem status which says, "live, love, be happy, and have sex!". I must admit I was a bit offended of the message. But not because he called me fat, okay? It's because he called me w****! How dare this person call me a w**** on the basis of my imeem status alone? It's not as if I said, "live, love, be happy and have sex to anybody!". duh!


To Vincent Onchengco!


Gago ka ba? I saw a photo on your Imeem account. Is it you? If it's you, how dare you call me fat?! Jeez! Your looks is even worst than mine! and I can't believe your wearing military uniform! I just wish you're not part of the Armed Forces because if you are, eeew! Such a shame!:-&

Whew! #:-S I just hope and pray you get to read this entry... Let me end this extremely special message with four words: Heavens bless you, ASSHOLE!


I ain't a w****, JERK!


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