Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I wasn't in a good mood last Sunday. I thought I'll be sleeping the whole day. It would really be nice coz the weather is very suitable for a good sleep. However, I end up trying o figure out how will I kill my time while on the bus on my way to Barotac Viejo. It was soooo boring not to mention the fact that I can't sleep even though how hard I really tried. The boredom keeps building up the moment we arrive there.

So, I opt to play with my phone and instead of taking pictures of the places I usually spend my time before , I en up taking pictures of myself, my brother, and my cousins.

And speaking of cousins, let me introduce to you Bigboy. It's his nickname. Bigboy, as I have known is just one of those not-so many cousins of mine who were able to have a degree. Bigboy is a BS Education graduate but I don't really like him. I thought there's something in his face that tells me he shouldn't be trusted. Besides he doesn't act as a professional and I consider him a arse. You might say I'm being judgmental because of what I'm writing now. Well, probably I am. I must admit I don't really get to spend quality time with my cousins (on my father's side) especially with him. Hmmm.. and honestly, I don't have plans to do so- not in he near future. I don't really trust him. Perhaps because of what had happened before that up until now, I'm very hesitant to give him my trust. By the way, to get things straight, It's isn't only I who doesn't trust him. There are lots of us- his wife's mom, most of his aunts and uncles (including my mom and dad), and his previous employers (probably all of his previous employers).

And last Sunday, I can't help myself smirking when I saw him at the church. Th
e mass for our the death of our cousin has already started when he came. Well, being late was acceptable for me. What's worse is that I saw him sleeping after awhile! Jeez, how impertinent could this man get? It was later when I my brother told me he's drunk. Look at how he looks like:

Whew... I just hate the fact that he still have time to get drunk but doesn't have time to work for his kid and his family... I just wish he could be more responsible. Well, if not, he could at least try.

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