Thursday, July 12, 2007

UP and the Others

Maribeth came across this photo and sent it to me last night. I find it really amusing so I decided to write something about it... Others may misunderstood the meaning of this but who cares?! That's what we are!lol Looking at this photo I remember a college joke our prof once told us and it basically (or should I say literally) being portrayed in the picture. 8-} It's kinda cute isn't it? Perhaps to those who are studying and have studied in UP! But to some? ahmm... :-? I have no idea. I never really get the chance to realize how others feel about this photo since I was one of those people who find the photo cute and funny.... hehehe

By the way, It's Beth's birthday today... :D/ heheheh... I don't know if she can read this but I hope she'll be surprised her birthday is part of my post... I won't be wishing her good luck because I know lots of people already did so. But on the other hand, on behalf of Grace and Michelle, I wish ourselves %%- hoping we can have another bucket meal soon! ahahahahahah...

Cool, eh?

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