Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oplan Smoky Eyes

ALERT! To Not So Kikay Girls!

Beauty Tips... (This is what I need!):(|)

I came across a blog owned by Michelle Phan. This is my second time to visit her blog and I find it really useful for a girl like me... ;)) She talks about stuff and beauty tips which, I believe is quite useful for girls who are not usually into it just like me.. I know I ain't kikay and I don't spend long hours in front of the mirror (the way I do in front of the dining table). But I think I need this (in the near future, perhaps) so, let me have this opportunity to be a little kikay...

Here's a tutorial video on how one can create smoky eyes for girls out there! I would love to try this out except that I still have to look for the stuff needed here. Blimey;)! ang mahal magpaganda! #-oLLDA


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