Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cool or Hot?

The long wait was over. After more than two grueling weeks, I did watch Twilight! AT LAST! At last I can sleep well now. I must admit, even though its already too obvious that I am part of the Twilight hype- it's coven. haha....

I never really expected much about the movie. I always thought that the plot of a book-turned-to-movie will never surpass the book itself. I enjoyed watching it. I'm curious on which part of the movie is totally lifted from the book or which one wasn't.
It's nice to know that some of the lines from the book were used in the movie. It feels so real- nostalgic. So, in the end, I didn't really hate the movie. In fact, I 'm sort of looking forward to the sequel, if there will be any.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie was the Baseball match. I really enjoyed watching them play- awesome and it was pretty exciting. I love it when Rosalie said, "My monkey man...". I find Emmet funny and hyper all the time. After reading the book, I would love to know more about Jasper and Alice's love story. The vampires are really COOL (or hot). On the other hand, Embry, Jacob's friend is also HOT (or cool, i guess). LOL

I read a comment from one of the forums that I used to visit. There was this person who said that he hated the movie saying that Vampires are meant to hunt and kill people. That Twilight is a "disgrace" to hardcore vampire movies. LOL. I have nothing against those who hated the book or the movie but... Jeez! give me a break! The story was meant to be that way since its a fictional story. It should somehow be "anything goes", you can write anything you want. The plot is way different from other Vampire movies so its useless to compare.

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