Friday, November 07, 2008

Is it TWILIGHT now?

For the past weeks, I wasn't able to access my blogs inside the office. It sucks to read the reason why they blocked my blogs. One of the reasons was Embedded Online Games. Huh! Embedded Online Games?! wtf. The second reason? It was worse. Why? Because they don't have any reason at all. OMG.

I'm grateful that our client agreed that we need to have full access of the internet. hahah!
Our tech probably hated my guts that they decided to filter my blogs and my blogs alone among all the blogs owned by maybe most of the agents at work. Ooops, that's just an opinion, a theory just like the radioactive spider and kryptonite theories.

You might wonder how radioactive spiders and kryptonite theories are connected to my the-tech-hated-my-guts theory. hahah. I dunno. I think I just wanted to somehow declare how I really feel about the filtering of my blogs coz it's been bugging me quite a lot since and honestly, I even saw it coming. You know that by the time I go to work my blogs were already blocked. Sigh*

But on the other hand, I also wanted to express my disappointment on how slow the days pass by. I hope tomorrow's the 21st of November. If it will be, then I'm pretty sure I'll be late for work since I wil, without any doubt, watch Twilight, a movie adaptation of the best selling novel by Stephanie Meyer.

A few more pages and I'll finish reading the book. I won't go home unless finish reading it today. I wanted to read it first before watching the movie. I can't even reckon how excited and thrilled
I am of the movie since I would read the book and watch the trailers at the same time. Me and my friend Grace, an Edward Cullen (not Bermejo) junkie just like me can't help but fantasize which parts of the book were changed for the movie. Heck! I bet my life this feeling won't end not until I get to see the movie.

Here's the latest teaser of the movie. Looks like this part was changed.. Or not? LOL

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