Thursday, November 20, 2008

7 more days

I've been counting down the days until the showing of Twilight on November 26. However, it looks like the 26th of November will not only be my Twilight Day but also an Eheads Day. I just heard from the news that they will show the Eraserheads Reunion Concert on the big screen on the same date when my most awaited movie will be shown- Twilight! haha. If this is true, it seems that I need to choose between the two since I can't watch them on the same date- it's a working day. @_@

Anyway, my Twilight Fever is still on and speaking of Twilight again, I found a photo of Kristen Stewart on the net yesterday. And I really find her gorgeous. Actually, there are photos of her that I saw that I don't find her pretty. It seems to me that there's something wrong with the photo or something... LOL. Nevertheless, the photo of Kristen which I found is really hot!

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